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Business Strategy Intensive

This is a one-day intensive experience designed for women who want high-level, personal support to create significant clarity and change in their business quickly.

It's hard to do this work alone, to see the spot you're standing on and uncover opportunities that may be hidden.

Fortunately, you don't need to.

This is my forte. It's where I add massive value by meeting you where you're at and building on what you already have, whilst skillfully connecting the dots, opening new skylights in your thinking and boosting your confidence and certainty.

I'm your strategic thinking partner and I know a VIP day with me will shorten and sweeten the journey to your goals. In fact, I guarantee it - with a 100% money-back guarantee!

A VIP Day is for you if you:

  • Want to take your business up a level or in a new direction... now
  • Value collaborating to explore your ideas and give them clear shape and form
  • Are ready to be challenged and stretched, to expand your thinking and opportunities
  • Recognise that you need to expand your own capacity for growth and are willing to concurrently explore Self-leadership principles to do so
VIP Day - Personal Strategic Planning wth Angela Raspass


A VIP Day is a tailored experience, developed from an initial conversation and a comprehensive pre-session questionnaire and the alchemy between us on the day as we dig down into what you want to create. No two days are alike, but some of the possible ingredients are below...

On one of the most recent VIP days I facilitated with a Founder and Director of a Consultancy, some of the topics we covered included:

  • Succession Planning and exit strategies
  • How to create a "sticky" engaged team
  • The opportunity cost of investing in administration support 
  • How to spread risk by client base diversification
  • Repositioning the training arm of her business
  • Leveraging event sponsorships
  • Linked In visibility
  • Innovation/design thinking
  • Marketing strategies for core service lines 


I'll help you connect the dots in a whole new way!

VIP days are a rather unique blend of big-picture thinking, gritty detail and emotional support. Here's some typical feedback:

"You are able to very quickly conceptualise the big picture (of any given situation), and visualise all of the ‘dots’, (connected or not), that come together to create it.

You then assess each dot (at lightning speed it appears to me!) and hone straight in what needs the highest priority attention.

You then take these high-priority issues and help me gain clarity by asking just the right questions, and providing invaluable ideas, suggestions, frameworks and solutions that you extract from your vast ‘wisdom-bank’.

Through this process, I'm then able to make decisions, create change, and formulate clear and accessible next steps to continue the journey towards my goals. It's almost magic!"

Melanie Curry, Founder of Incandescent

Are you ready to take a big leap forward?

Let's connect, discuss your goals and schedule your VIP Day

Included: Cappfinity Strengths Profile

We all have a unique blend of talents that help us stand out, create impact and succeed. The better you know yourself, the easier it is to lean into your potential and experience fulfilment and happiness in your work and life as you are drawing on your natural resource pool.

The strategies we develop on the day will be created with your strengths in mind as significant bodies of research show us that you are far more likely to succeed when you leverage your natural talents and ways of being.

Strengths Profile Report Categories

We'll discover:

Together, we'll explore how you can utilise these insights in a personal debrief session, including ways to:

  • combine your strengths for increased impact
  • create strategies to mitigate the risks that weaknesses might pose
  • devise ways of working and structuring your business, career or life to get the most from your strengths.
  • open new possibilities with your unrealised strengths
VIP Day - Strategic Planning for your business


  • We meet and workshop for a single intense day at my home in Bayview on Sydney's Northern Beaches between 10am and 4pm with a working lunch. We can also meet virtually and workshop via ZOOM.
  • If online, the entire workshop will be recorded on zoom for you. If face to face, you are most welcome to record our session on your phone
  • Any diagrams, models, copy and other ideas developed on the day will be yours to keep
  • I will select a number of resources from my library that are most relevant and valuable for you, providing hard copies on the day and soft copies by email
  • A follow-up Coaching Session will take place within 3 weeks of your workshop and additional optional support is also available.
  • I strongly recommend allowing yourself the next day free of appointments where possible to allow yourself to process and integrate the experience (you'll feel tired for sure!) and to weave your new action plan into your diary to ensure the implementation that delivers results.

My clients report feeling "that everything is now possible" after our work together... and often tell me that "the time we spent together just flew by". But, most importantly, they leave inspired, committed, anchored in their worth, and clear on their next chapter.


  • Ready and willing to dive deep honestly and openly
  • Open, curious and committed so we can explore a range of possibilities and make changes in your business and life
  • Prepared to dig beneath any fears and concerns so we can create a path forward that allows you to expand right out along your growth edges
  • Rather enthusiastic about what’s truly possible for you!

Are you ready to unlock your next chapter?

Let's connect, discuss your goals and schedule your workshop.

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