The guidebook for doing
the work in the world
you're here for...

It’s time for your next chapter...

I'm thrilled to introduce you to my book, "Your Next Chapter - ditch your doubt, own your worth, and build the business you really want". If you're a woman with a business idea you want to bring to life or someone who wants to change the business you have, then this book is for you.

It's time to stop settling and start doing the work in the world you're here for.

I know what it's like to feel discontented and stuck, unsure of how to define what you want or how to create it. That's why I wrote this guidebook. It's the book I wish I had when I was starting out on my own chapters in the past.

In Your Next Chapter, I take you by the hand and walk you through the change cycle that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. Together, we'll:

  • travel away from discontent
  • decide to pursue what you desire
  • hurdle your doubt, and
  • confidently design and deliver your ideas in a new or recalibrated business

Perhaps most importantly, I'll provide you with tangible, simple, and effective practices to move through fear and out of the comparison trap that can keep you stuck doing what you can do, rather than what you really want to do.

More than just inspiration

This guide is definitely packed with inspiration, but I also combine that with practical guidance, useful tools, and personal wisdom. If you're ready for more – more contribution, more fulfilment, and more financial reward in a business that's a perfect fit for the woman you have become – this is the book for you.


9 good reasons to buy a copy

Besides the fact that books are food for the mind and soul, here are some great reasons to add "Your Next Chapter" to your reading list:

  1. You're not sure how to define your next business idea or how to create it.
  2. Your inner critic tends to focus more on what will go wrong than what could go right, stopping you from doing what you really want to do.
  3. You're frustrated with the "grow bigger, better, faster" narrative that seems to be rampant today, which just doesn't feel like a fit for you.
  4. You feel almost guilty for wanting more or different because things are "going pretty well," but you know deep down that you're meant for more.
  5. You'd like to tap into the stories of women just like you who have walked along their own growth edges and experienced many next chapters.
  6. You have plenty of ideas, but you're not sure which ones to act upon.
  7. You want to shape your ideas into a business model that fits who you are now, the woman you have become, and utilises your life experience, skills, and values in a Freedom Framework rather than a cookie-cutter formula.
  8. Books can change your world, and "Your Next Chapter" just might be the book that opens the door to a whole new possibility for you.
  9. It's received wonderful reviews, and author Barbara Huson wrote that it's "an affirming blend of practical wisdom and inspirational guidance that will empower you to release your remarkable ideas into the world and live your greatness!"

It's time for Your Next Chapter. Purchase your paperback or Kindle copy today, and join me on this adventure!

An Invitation and introduction
to the book read by Angela

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Enjoy fabulous bonus reader resources

In the book you will find directions on how to access your special bonus pack of resources designed to further help you clarify and develop your ideas.

Your Journey Board

This self-paced program has three core modules - each has an audio guide with me talking you through the exercises that you complete in three workbooks at your own pace.

Module One: Finding the gold in your Past

Module Two: Connecting to your Present Power

Module Three: Developing a Clear Vision For Your Next Chapter


Business & Personal development Resources

  • The Most Aligned Client Snapshot worksheet will help you to express your understanding of who you are here to serve and your PEP - the Progressive Engagement Plan is a framework that helps you build a simple business model that takes a client from Discovery to Advocacy.
  • The Bookends of your day and your Support Circle are personal resources will assist you to make conscious choices that have a significant positive impact on your resilience.
  • And finally, the Models used throughout the book will be provided in PDF for you to easily reference whenever you need them in your own Change Cycle.

Praise for the book

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This brilliant book lays out a clear path to confidently move through the discontent and doubt that’s holding you hostage and into the purpose that’s calling you. It’s an affirming blend of practical wisdom and inspirational guidance that will empower you to release your remarkable ideas into the world and live your greatness. Read it today!

Barbara Huson, Wealth Coach, Author of: Overcoming Underearning & Sacred Success

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"This is a brilliantly practical and inspiring guide to stepping into your next chapter in life. Angela’s the down-to-earth friend you want by your side as you embark on the adventure. I loved it!”

Susannah Conway, author of THIS I KNOW: Notes on Unraveling the Heart

donna brown c

Angela has the gift of clarity and leadership. She takes you by the hand, sharing stories and insights that lead you to your own realisations, and there is nothing more powerful. To read this book and do the work, is to be transformed.

Donna Brown, Global Business Strategist


"Angela has a knack for reaching into an inner world many of us know intimately, but haven't articulated. She paints a description of discontent so acutely relatable it's like she’s inside our heads, and then gives us a roadmap towards an enchanting new future.”

Emma Grey, Co-author of "I Don't Have Time".

Jo Hanlon

“Angela’s book comes straight from her heart and speaks directly to mine. For anyone seeking an actionable roadmap which they can put into practice immediately to dream about, explore, develop and/or take action on their next chapter (whether it be their first, fifth or fifteenth), this book provides the way, peppered with feeling, passion and commitment, to do just that”.

Jo Hanlon, Leadership, Mindset, and HR Coach

carolyn tate

Women need this book, because for too long we’ve not been true to ourselves or our calling. We all have something greater inside each of us and if it remains unearthed we will never fix the problems our world is facing. If every woman on the precipice of a new chapter in life, had this book, imagine the world we could live in?!
Just imagine”.

Carolyn Tate, Educator & Consultant, author of The Purpose Project.