My book recommendations

I once heard someone say "you can transform in private with a book" and I could not agree more. So many aha moments have been gifted to me through the power of the page.

Two of my favourite places in the whole world are Markets and Bookshops, especially second-hand bookshops.

I also have a closely related stationery addiction. I am powerless over the seductive powers of a beautiful new journal or notebook…crisp, clean pages just waiting for my pen. I suspect I am not alone!

Here are some of my favourite books, and I'm delighted to be able to finally pop my own onto the list as well...

What I’m reading now...

On Our Best Behavior

This is a spectacularly thought-provoking book. Loehhen argues that it’s time for us to self-determine, to detach from the trap of goodness and unwind our conditioned patterns, so we can create new ones that better serve us and walk a path to inner truth instead.

We’re speaking the same language, I just happen to call it self-leadership. It’s the same concept, breaking free of conditioned thinking and seeing ourselves and our potential clearly, possibly for the first time.

A must read for all women.

on our best behavior book
Your Next Chapter front

This is the book I wish I had to help me understand my discontent, shape my desire, hurdle doubt and take my ideas out into the world with a lot less angst when I embarked on my own chapters in the past.

thought it was me

It felt as though Brene had direct access to my life... such identification. Many people are not aware that this was Brene's first book. It remains the inspiration for my work on self-worth for both myself and the women I support.

self compassion

An essential skill, in my personal experience, as we can be far too hard on ourselves. Self-compassion allows us the grace to be imperfect, to provide ourselves with a safe place to land. and is at the heart of my Self-Worth Trilogy.

atlas of the heart book

A guide to understanding your emotions and learning how to work with them, Brenes latest work will develop your emotional vocabulary, transforming your relationship with yourself, and the people around you.


Our mindset determines the way we deal with challenging situations and setbacks and our willingness to commit to our own growth. This classic book shows just what we can achieve when we open our minds.


Susan Cain shows us how to face our thoughts or feelings with curiosity and acceptance so we can step out and walk our why, grow and be open to change.

the self worth safari

A fresh perspective on how self-worth is fundamental, at the core of every human being's ability to be impactful, stop being a slave to your own self-doubt and anxiety, and ultimately discover more joy.


A galvanizing wake-up call, encouraging women to uncover the voice of longing that is inside by trusting ourselves enough to set boundaries, make peace with our bodies, honor our anger and heartbreak.


The science of positive mind-states and how they can help us bounce back from setbacks, make meaningful connections with others, improve our health, and help us become the best version of ourselves.


Totally, utterly fascinating, and then hugely exciting when you realise you have the power to change your thinking, and change your life as a result! A captivating, must-read mix of neuroscience and mindfulness


Invaluable lessons in how to tame and properly harness your inner voice, Chatter covers practical tips for enjoying the many benefits of self-reflection and introspection while greatly reducing unproductive and negative self-talk.

The awakened brain

Brimming with inspiration and compassion, this landmark book draws on award-winning research and will revolutionise your understanding of spirituality, mental health and how we find meaning and purpose.

tiny habits

We can create lasting change without risking feeling bad about ourselves or relying only on motivation - take a behavior you want, make it tiny, find where it fits naturally in your life, and nurture its growth.

what is your self worth

We each possess the power to free ourselves from the restraints others would place upon us. We define our worth in this world and we each have the strength and determination to shape our lives.

a liberated mind

You can live a more vital, more connected and healthier life with psychological flexibility -  "defuse" from your thoughts and discover your chosen values, the qualities of being that fuel meaning for you.


Ellen Langer has been called the “mother of mindfulness”, highlighting the profound effects of paying attention. MIndfulness puts you in the present, making you more sensitive to context and perspective.

too late

Laugh out loud moments, deep, deep, AHA moments in a book packed with honesty and a very loud wake up call. The title says it all. Love, love, love this one.

divine intuition

A wonderful read that made me realise I believe Intuition is underrated as a business tool. The further along this purposeful path I travel, the more I recognise that heeding those gut feelings are essential - they seldom lead us astray.


The perfect blend of inspiration and action, that's how I would describe this brilliant book that encourages small acts of courage to enact every day.

A book that makes you pause and really think about how you are showing up in work and play, it’s all about the redemptive power of discovering, speaking and living the truth of who you are.


Gabor untangles many of the common myths about what makes us sick, and connects the dots between our individual challenges and the increasing toxicity of society. It's a challenging read, but ultimately a compassionate guide for health and healing.

The Dreaming Path - Indigenous thinking to change your life

The themes include the importance of story, relationships, sharing, unity, love, gratitude, humility, learning and living your truth, inspiration and resilience, being present and healing from the past, contentment and leadership.