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Business Strategy
Powered by Self-leadership

I might be the business coach you've been searching for...

My expertise is in working with owners of established, service-based businesses and the women who reach out to me for business coaching and mentoring tend to be in one of two situations. They're either feeling stuck and needing to recalibrate themselves and their businesses or they know what they want to achieve but are finding it tricky to fully map out their ideas and prioritise their options.

In either case, I know I can help!

With support, the clarity and confidence to change is far easier.

My work is a rather unique blend of big-picture thinking, gritty detail and emotional support. Here's some typical feedback:

"You are able to very quickly conceptualise the big picture (of any given situation), and visualise all of the ‘dots’, (connected or not), that come together to create it.

You then assess each dot (at lightning speed it appears to me!) and hone straight in what needs the highest priority attention.

You then take these high-priority issues and help me gain clarity by asking just the right questions, and providing invaluable ideas, suggestions, frameworks and solutions that you extract from your vast ‘wisdom-bank’.

Through this process, I'm then able to make decisions, create change, and formulate clear and accessible next steps to continue the journey towards my goals. It's almost magic!"

Melanie Curry, Founder of Incandescent

I'm at my best when renovating businesses!

  • We'll dig under the surface and pinpoint what's causing the stuckness and confusion or harness the excitement you have for the next chapter and build with it (you might even be feeling both sets of emotions)
  • We'll take the myriad of ideas you're wrestling with and shape them into something fresh and vibrant.
  • You might toss out some of your current services or exit a market or two.
  • You'll likely find yourself casting off some old beliefs and ways of thinking that have been shackling you, trading them in for more supportive ways of being
  • You'll soon be exchanging any remnants of the need for external validation for its far more empowering cousin - internal authority, delivered via my Self-leadership principles
  • You may find yourself excavating and polishing ambitions and ideas that have been shelved for many different reasons
  • You'll definitely anchor into a fresh vision that inspires and re-energises you as we open a skylight or two in your mind.

I guarantee there are new opportunities waiting for their time in the spotlight and working with me will uncover them!

Some of the reasons you might seek coaching.

People choose to invest in coaching for a variety of reasons.

Perhaps for you that's because you want:

  • To redevelop your business model because it no longer fits you
  • A fresh perspective - a different viewpoint on your business that will lead to new ideas and opportunities
  • To set and achieve more effective goals
  • Help evaluating and prioritising the options you're contemplating
  • To explore expanding into new markets, or diversifying your services
  • Your confidence has taken a hit, your inner critic has a lot to say and self-doubt or imposter syndrome is causing doubt and procrastination
  • Specific skill development in areas like marketing and sales
  • To stop feeling stuck and find a clear path forward

Who is my style of coaching for?

My Business coaching approach, a blend of business strategy powered by Self-leadership, is a collaborative journey. It's an approach that puts you at the centre of your strategy, where we are mindful of your goals, the role you want your business to play in your life, and your unique vision, style, strengths and values.

Coaching with me works best if you:

  1. Have an existing business in the professional services, consulting or for-purpose space
  2. Don't suffer from a shortage of ideas, it's more that you need a sounding board to help develop and prioritise them
  3. Are self-reflective, curious and willing to challenge limiting beliefs
  4. Recognise that personal growth is a key part of business growth
  5. Can find it difficult to clearly define and articulate the unique value you create and deliver
  6. Are not looking for a step-by-step marketing plan to "grow your business to X figures in X weeks" - that is so not my style!
  7. Resonate with my approach - strategy to grow your business and self-leadership to grow you


Some of the outcomes you can anticipate:

  •  A refined vision thanks to your improved clarity and confidence
  • Succinct and actionable business strategies that fit you – your skills, strengths and style
  • A streamlined hierarchy of services with a pricing structure that reflects your expertise
  •  A strong sense of internal authority that leads to boosted self-belief and better decision making
  •  The ability to influence yourself to change unhelpful habits
  • Owning your worth and the value you create
  • Decreased comparison and need for external approval and validation
    for you/and or your business
  • An enhanced sense of well-being and boosted energy

How will we work together?

Having a stellar strategy is essential. And when we simultaneously anchor you in my self-leadership principles we tame the forces of comparison, competition, and conditioning that can have you doubting your own vision and voice.

My ability to provide both strategic business and self-leadership growth is why working with me is a uniquely valuable experience.

After a connection call, if we both feel enthused and excited we dig in together, typically with an initial 12-week commitment.

The experience will be different for everyone, but these are the core components.

  • Strengths, Self-leadership, Enneagram and Values assessments
  • Initial half-day workshop (in person or via ZOOM)
  • Six subsequent one-hour mentoring sessions
  • Documents, models, diagrams and other materials created during our sessions together
  • Resources, articles, documents, templates or referrals from my library of resources, suppliers and tools
  • Light email and messenger support between sessions

You may wonder why I use the words Coach AND Mentor.

This is because a good Coach is a thinking partner focused on helping you tap into your own resources and creativity to see a new way forward to achieve your desires. A good Mentor calls on their own experience, sharing observations, tools, resources, and advice at the right time to help you reach those goals.

With me, you have access to both skill sets and that’s been invaluable for my clients.

Am I the right Coach and Mentor for you?

Angela Raspass - A Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for businesswomen

Hello there, I'm Angela Raspass.

If we've not met yet, hello! I'm Angela Raspass, a Business Strategist and Self-leadership Coach.

I have a background in corporate marketing, sponsorships, and events, I've grown a successful small business marketing agency, am the co-owner of a national sailing franchise and have been self-employed for more than 20 years.

This means I have significant hands-on experience and knowledge of what it takes to nurture a business AND its owner!

Most recently, I have studied neuroscience, positive psychology and strengths profiling and I bring a self-leadership lens to my business coaching, ensuring we grow you alongside your business.

No one knows you and what you want better than you do. I'm a collaborator who helps you leverage your unique blend of vision, passion, strengths, experience and goals in a business that serves you just as much as you serve your clients.

What's your next step?

Book a time to connect and explore how I can help you and your business grow.

What is it like to work with me?

I would love to be on your support team

Let's have a conversation about your goals and challenges

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