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Business Mentoring
Your Strategic Growth Partner

Are you ready to elevate your business?


Things are going pretty well, but you're looking for more... to grow, refine your direction, diversify your services, and expand your reach.

If you're wrestling with a multitude of ideas, seeking more consistent revenue, or wanting to increase your visibility and impact without losing your sanity, I'm here to help.

Angela Bueti, Program Manager, Specialisterne Australia

"Angela is an exceptional listener who draws out all your random thoughts and reflects them back to help you make sense of what’s important and then guides you with a framework for change. A wonderful combination of warm and engaging, with a no-bullshit, direct approach, she instills confidence and promotes action".

Caron Egle, Founder, Sage Thinking

"Working with Angela is a joy!  She asks just the right questions at just the right time to help me clarify my thinking and make strategic decisions. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and experienced – the perfect combination of traits for me to partner with to redesign my business moving forward".

Wendy Kendall, Chartered Psychologist

"I was looking for guidance and support to bring new products and services to market and raise my game. After working together I decided to radically scale down some of the less profitable areas of my business and I had concrete step-by-step plans for how to scale up the more profitable areas of business. My plan is much more coherent and focused on that sweet spot of profitable work that enables me to deliver my best self to my clients".

Sarah Denholm, Founder, Improve Your Public Speaking

"I hired Angela to get an expert outside perspective on my business and help me to refine and streamline my offerings. She’s given me so much more than that! It’s been such a relief to have someone “in my corner” to bounce ideas off and to offer clear suggestions for improvement. Angela embodies what she promises, is truly generous with her time and resources, and does it all with warmth and energy".

Why mentoring?

There are many reasons why people invest in business mentoring.

Perhaps some of these common challenges are familiar?

  • Idea Overload: "I have no shortage of ideas - but I'm not sure which ones to prioritise or tackle first."
  • Solo Struggles: "I'm tired of going it alone. I need a sounding board and a partner in strategy."
  • Marketing Woes: "Keeping up with marketing demands feels like feeding a beast that's never satisfied."
  • Financial Flux: "My cash flow is unpredictable - how can I smooth the peaks and troughs?"
  • Hidden Gem: "I've done great work, but I’m still one of the best-kept secrets in my industry."
  • Untapped Potential: "I’ve achieved a lot, but I feel there’s much more within me and my business to explore."
  • Strategic Shifts: "I want to pivot or introduce new services without losing what I’ve built."

Who is my style of mentoring for?

My Business Mentoring is a blend of Strategy powered by Self-leadership. It's an approach that puts you at the centre, aware of your vision, mindful of your goals, and clear on the role you want the business to play in your life.

Mentoring with me works best if you:

  • Have an established business, consultancy, or practice (this usually means at least 3 years of operation and dependable cashflow)
  • Have no shortage of ideas, but know you need help to develop, prioritise and action them
  • Recognise that personal growth is a key part of business growth
  • Are not looking for a paint-by-numbers plan to "grow your business to X figures in X weeks" - I offer frameworks, not formulas
  • Have agency and self-motivation
  • Resonate with my blend of strategy to grow your business underpinned by self-leadership to grow you


Outcomes you can anticipate:

  • A more cohesive and strategic approach to business growth
  • Key projects identified, developed, and executed with greater ease
  • Elevated clarity in your messaging, services, pricing, and marketing  
  • Increased discernment, clarity, and confidence 
  • Heightened self-knowledge and self-awareness, enabling better decision-making 
  •  A strong sense of internal authority that reduces FOMO and supports you in taking thoughtful growth edge risks 
  • New dimensions and depth in your work introduced from the conversations we have 
  • The ability to influence yourself to change unhelpful habits
  • An enhanced sense of well-being and boosted energy
  • (Re) Connection to a strong sense of purpose and possibility 
  • An enriched and expanded network 

You're not meant to work alone

You’re smart, experienced, and determined, but having to make most of your business decisions alone is hard for anyone.

When you hit a wall, when you feel frustrated, uncertain, or overwhelmed, a fresh perspective is invaluable.

Imagine having someone on call who can support and challenge you.

Someone who will stretch your thinking, highlight your blind spots, help you evaluate your options, prioritise your actions, and develop the opportunities that will accelerate your business.

That's the role I play for my mentoring clients - a collaborator focused on the growth of you and your business, available for regular connection as well as on-call when you need a quick brainstorm or want some feedback.

Business mentoring usually begins with a strategic planning half or full day, followed by 3 or 6-session packages and supported by email and SOS calls to ensure you have the help you need, when you need it.

The difference between a Mentor and a Coach

I believe a good Coach focused on helping you tap into your resources and creativity to see a new way forward to achieve your desires. A good Mentor adds to this by calling on their own experience, and sharing observations, tools, resources, and advice at the right time to help you reach those goals.

With me, you have access to both skill sets and that’s been invaluable for my clients.

Am I the right Business Mentor for you?

Angela Raspass - Business Strategist, Mentor and Facilitator

If we've not met yet, hello! I'm Angela Raspass, a Business Strategist, Mentor, and Facilitator for founders and leaders of established service-based businesses, practices, and consultancies.

I have a background in corporate marketing, sponsorships, and events, I've grown a successful small business marketing agency, am the co-owner of a national sailing franchise, and have been self-employed for more than 20 years.

This means I have significant hands-on experience and knowledge of what it takes to nurture a business AND its owner!

Most recently, I have studied neuroscience, positive psychology, and strengths profiling and I bring a self-leadership lens to my business mentoring, ensuring you grow right alongside your business.

No one knows you and what you want better than you do. I'm a collaborator who helps you leverage your unique blend of vision, passion, strengths, experience, and goals in a business that serves you just as much as you serve your clients.

What's your next step?

Book a time to connect and explore how I can help you to grow your business.

What is it like to work with me?

I'd love to be on your support team

Let's have a conversation about your goals and challenges

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