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A Project-focused
Retreat for businesswomen

Clarity, confidence and inspiration are waiting for you!

If there is a big project or significant goal on your mind, and you need the time, space, and grace to develop it, a retreat with a small group of like-minded women committed to growth, change, and tangible progress could be just what you need.

Gift yourself time and space

If you’re like many of the women I support who are on the cusp of change or with a specific project you want to bring to life, you might not have gifted yourself the opportunity to focus on giving your emerging ideas shape and form. You may even be stuck in a paradigm of what's possible for you.

That's understandable, as change without support is hard. Prioritising ourselves and our ideas in the midst of a typically demanding, busy and hectic schedule can be tricky.

And if self-doubt kicks in, your desires, big goals and significant projects can stay on the shelf, gathering dust, sometimes for years.

That's frustrating, disappointing and demotivating, and those feelings can taint your sense of achievement in other areas of your life.

At a Self-leadership Retreat, not only will you have that rare time and space to focus, we'll also anchor you in the core principles of Self-Leadership so that the momentum you kick-start with us continues when you return to your office and life.

Pause for a moment and imagine...

  • Spending 3-4 days away in a beautiful house with a small group of business and professional women as you work intentionally on your project
  • Being deeply supported, stretched and nurtured as you sift through your ideas, commit to a clear path forward and take significant action
  • Reconnecting to your values and strengths, ensuring they are aligned with what you are developing and then learning how to leverage them for maximum impact
  • Experiencing group masterminding that allows you to tap into the insights and resources of generous, wise women
  • Having personal coaching sessions to dig down into the nitty gritty of your challenges and goals
  • Enjoying great food and conversation and plenty of time to unwind and relax in a gorgeous country location

Spending time with like-minded people who can help you to relax and reflect before you extract clarity from your ideas, create a plan and work out the action steps to take is worth its weight in gold. I guarantee you will feel inspired, energised, uplifted, and utterly, fully capable of bringing your project to fruition.

Our #1 venue: Rivermist in the beautiful Kangaroo Valley

Business Retreats for women at Rivermist with Angela Raspass

What might you work on?

A project-based retreat is one where you bring a big idea, a challenge, a conundrum, an opportunity, or a project to work on.

The types of projects retreat participants bring are varied and have included:

  • Developing (and recording) an online course
  • Comprehensive business repositioning
  • Finishing writing a book
  • Developing a podcast
  • Writing copy for a website
  • Defining a pathway out of a corporate role and into consulting
  • Creating a new marketing strategy for a launch

You'll share your proposed project on the pre-retreat call so your fellow businesswomen can understand what you're keen to achieve and thus, consider what experience, resources and insights they can bring to the table to assist.

This pre-event ZOOM call also helps me to develop the agenda and support structure that will best for each group I facilitate.

The retreat snapshot

In Australia, a venue that is on average 2-2.5 hours out of Sydney, typically on the Central Coast, the Blue Mountains or Southern Highlands.

3- 4 nights of delicious accommodation in your own private room, all meals, mentoring and masterminding, workshop materials and a surprise or two...

The Retreat agenda is kept deliberately fluid to meet you where you are at in your evolution and will blend together:

  • Group mentoring and masterminding
  • Open discussions
  • Individual hot seats and focused problem-solving
  • Self-leadership development
  • Relaxation and self-care

What else do you need to know?

Meals and Catering

  • Lunches and dinners are a mix of in-house catering and visits to local restaurants and are included in your Retreat fee – alcohol is to be purchased at your own expense. We usually have a full kitchen at the retreat venues.
  • I bring snacks - almonds, grapes, dips, biscuits and still and sparkling water. Please bring anything else you’d like to drink or nibble on whilst we’re there.
  • If you have any special dietary needs, let me know at least 1 week prior to the Retreat so I can plan accordingly for our meals.

What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes for lounging, plenty of paper/a journal for writing, pens and felt tips if you prefer. You can choose to write on your laptop if you prefer.

Pre-Retreat Work

  • I’ve consistently found that prior exposure to your fellow participants' goals and selves enriches your experience and helps you to clarify your own thoughts and goals, so in addition to our pre-retreat call, a background questionnaire will be sent for completion and shared with your fellow Retreat participants.

Bonus Strengths Profile & debrief

I'm a Certified Cappfinity Strengths Profiler, and you'll receive an assessment as a retreat bonus. Together, we'll explore how you can utilise these new insights, including ways to:

  • combine your strengths for increased power and impact
  • create strategies to mitigate the risks that weaknesses might pose
  • devise ways of working and structuring your business or career to get the most from your strengths.
  • open new possibilities with your unrealised strengths
Strengths Profile Report Categories

Retreat Pricing

Early Bird Price

4 Night Retreat $2650 + GST

3 Night Retreat $2150 + GST

Full Price

4 Night Retreat $2995 + GST

3 Night Retreat $2550 + GST

I'm Angela Raspass

I'm a Sydney-based Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for businesswomen. I have a particular talent for business renovation - capturing the big picture and synthesising your ideas into inspiring, impactful and actionable plans.

I bring a unique combination of insight, empathy, and experience to my clients through my work and I’m known for my blend of strategy, self-leadership, and intuition. This comes from a combination of years of 20 years as an entrepreneur with an equal depth of personal development and study across positive psychology, strengths profiling, neuroscience, acceptance commitment theory and so much more.

I'll wrap you in unwavering strategic and emotional support as you build your self-leadership, enabling wise decisions and the ability to set and achieve the right goals for you.

You can borrow my belief in you until you fully embrace your own...

Angela Raspass - Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for businesswomen

Invest in a Retreat to refresh your energy and ideas.

What are the next steps to come on retreat with me?

After your expression of interest is received (see below), there are 3 steps:


A pre-retreat group call where you’ll get to meet your fellow Next Chapter women. We'll explore your goals so I can design an agenda that best meets the needs of each unique Retreat Group.


Come away with me! Spend 3-4 nights together in a gorgeous home where you’ll experience personal mentoring, group brainstorming sessions, planning, and accountability weaved together into an experience that supports and stretches you and ensures you leave with the outcomes most important to you.


Reconnect as a group again a week after the retreat to check-in and ensure you maintain the momentum of the experience and your courage, conviction, and commitment to turn your ideas into action.

What's it like to come away on a Business Retreat?

Yes! I'd like to join you a Self-leadership Retreat

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