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Strategic consulting
for business growth

Ready to unlock the potential in your business?

As a business founder, owner, or leader you’re constantly navigating the complexities of growth.

And because growth is never linear, there are inevitable plateaus or pivotal moments that require you to recalibrate. You might have a project on the drawing board that needs development or perhaps you’re looking for fresh insights to meet a current challenge or leverage an opportunity.

That’s where I come in.

With over 20 years of experience as a business strategist, mentor, and facilitator I bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, insight, and a wide network to help you move forward.

I collaborate with founders, partners, teams, and associations across the professional services sector and my clients have been drawn from the financial, healthcare, project management, marketing, writing, education and training, migration, psychology, leadership and executive coaching, human resources, social enterprises, personal styling, and creative services areas.

Let's have a conversation to explore what you're facing or planning and we'll see how I can contribute and lighten the load.

Common challenges I address:

Missing the low-hanging fruit: Many business owners look outside for growth when opportunities are already within reach. I facilitate a focus on recalibration before reinvention.

Ideas overload: No shortage of ideas, but a lack of clarity is preventing action?  I help prioritise and focus on what will drive the most impact.

Down in the weeds: The time you invest in delivering to your current clients and managing the daily demands of running your business means that hitting the pause button and envisaging the next stage of growth is nigh impossible.

Differentiation struggles: Need to stand out in your industry to increase your leads and conversion rates? We'll define key initiatives and strategies to enhance your visibility and credibility with my Authority Initiatives© methodology.

Game-changing Projects: Have a significant change project on the drawing board that's outlined but not yet developed? That could be a website upgrade, a services revamp, an on or offline event, or even the launch of a Podcast. I'll provide guidance and expertise to ensure it’s a success from start to finish.

Business Strategy - Angela Raspass

Every business has a natural growth trajectory that can be restricted in many different ways - my clients say that working with me is often like releasing the handbrake that didn't even realise was on!

What's my approach?

I meet you where you are with completely personalised support that begins with harvesting the past before strategically creating the future. I believe in frameworks, not formulas. When I'm on your support team cookie cutters are tossed out the window!

Clarity. Strategy. Impact. Ultimately, that's what we work on together as we evolve your business.

In a practical sense, I tend to approach my strategic work in three stages:

Business Growth Program Angela Raspass - Business Strategist & Mentor (2)


We harvest, evaluate, and leverage your business history to understand what has worked well, and not so well, in the past before defining your next-level goals.
The outcome? A shift from uncertainty to clarity.

As we refine your focus and direction, we consider what needs to be adjusted or introduced - perhaps changes in your services, audience, marketing, or sales focus.
The outcome? A shift from reactivity to Strategy.

Once we have clarity and strategic insight, we develop and implement a succinct action plan that fits your budget and growth goals.
The outcome? A shift from frustration to impact.

I add value with fresh ideas...

"Angela is an exceptional facilitator and business and marketing strategist who has been advising our association of 14 Accounting and Advisory member firms across Australia and New Zealand in a consulting capacity for over 12 years.

We've collaborated on building brand visibility to attract new clients, adding value for our existing clients, and retaining our member firms through educational and skill-building programs and events.

Angela’s extensive business network and polished negotiation skills have been invaluable. She has sourced and briefed many high-calibre speakers, enriching our online events where we also rely on her as the host. Angela is a fast and innovative thinker who engages audiences with ease, synthesises complex ideas, and seamlessly connects speaker points to client and member experiences, ensuring the transfer of learning and the likelihood of action!

I highly recommend Angela for her strategic insight, marketing experience, and facilitation skills, and I look forward to working together on many more initiatives.

Lynne Greenaway, Executive Officer DFK Australia New Zealand and Asia Pacific

Are you ready to evolve your business?

My consulting and business strategy support can vary from a one-off brainstorming session to a half or full-day workshop, from a specific project implementation to an ongoing engagement - the record is just over 12 years... and that's still going strong!

We'll collaborate to create the support structure that will work best for you to deliver the outcomes you need.

Ready to recalibrate and evolve your business?

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