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Facilitation is the art of guiding and managing group events on and offline - meetings, workshops, retreats, panels, and discussions, creating environments where ideas flow freely, connections are made, and participants feel valued and heard.

I believe a good facilitator has high emotional intelligence and is an active listener. They can connect slices of conversation and snippets of ideas to create synergy and elevate outcomes in experiences that are productive, engaging, and aligned with an organisation's goals.

Facilitation is an area of my work that I absolutely love - connecting ideas, people, and possibilities energises me and I work hard to fuse what's been described as a natural talent with consistent learning and improvement to deliver excellent experiences to my clients and their audiences.

Nicky Miklos-Woodley: Sales and Leadership Trainer

"Angela is a dynamic and knowledgeable facilitator with a natural talent for engaging an audience. She excels at synthesising ideas, connecting learnings, and addressing questions and discussion points to ensure everyone benefits from the session.

Angela effortlessly builds on concepts and tools with her extensive experience, adding depth to the narrative and ensuring no one is left behind. I highly recommend her for facilitating discussions, panels, and other learning and strategy sessions".

My approach as a Facilitator

I enhance structure and flow through:

  • Planning and Preparation: I work closely with you to understand your objectives and KPIs. I'll then help to design the event structure and format to ensure your goals are met and your participants feel engaged and valued.
  • Creating a Safe Space: I establish a welcoming and inclusive environment, setting clear guidelines, encouraging participation, and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to contribute.
  • Seamless Execution: During the event, I'll keep the event pace flowing smoothly, managing time, guiding discussions, and adapting to the needs of the group, so things stay on track and focused.
  • Stimulating Interaction: I thoroughly prepare thoughtful questions for meaningful conversations and interactions so we enhance the learning experience and build connections among our participants.

I align events with your broader goals with:

  • Brand consistency: We'll reinforce and elevate your brand by ensuring the event tone reflects your values and messaging, creating a coherent experience that aligns with your brand identity.
  • An outcomes-focused mindset: I want to ensure your event delivers tangible results - we'll establish what that means from improving member retention, enhancing the transfer of learning, providing inspiration, or fostering collaboration
  • Expert guidance: I have formal qualifications, deep business experience, and an absolute delight in connecting people, ideas, and possibilities - my love of this work enhances the overall experience for everyone involved
  • Continuous Improvement: Post-event evaluation of participant feedback, data analysis of registration and attendance, and open discussion to uncover areas for improvement all combine to refine future sessions and keep us on a growth edge.

Examples of my facilitation work include:

Masterclass Series Development: From finding and negotiating with speakers to facilitating sessions, I ensure the content is relevant and engaging, enhancing the learning experience for association members.

Topics I've sourced and coordinated speakers for before facilitating the sessions are listed below. Additionally, I've personally presented on Self-leadership, Personal Branding, ADHD, Marketing, and Strategy development both on and offline at conferences and other events.

> Sales for Service Professionals
> Public Speaking Skills
> The Digital Ecosystem
> ChatGPT
> Personal Productivity
> Linked In Mastery

> Psychological well-being
> Team Building
> Culture Change
> How to handle difficult conversations
> Future casting
> The 9-5 is over

Panel Discussions: I connect with speakers, formulate questions, and facilitate lively and valuable discussions, reinforcing your brand and ensuring a memorable experience. My most recent panel facilitation is with DFK International Asia Pacific Region for the Women in Accounting Fireside Chat 3-part series.

Business Strategy Workshops: For both my clients and larger groups, I facilitate strategic discussions that drive business growth and alignment.

National Association Meetings: I manage and facilitate "all firms marketing meetings," promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration in a mastermind style.

Connectworking Dinners: Hosting monthly dinners for businesswomen, I create intimate and inclusive environments where deep connections and valuable conversations flourish.

Angela Raspass - Business Strategist, Mentor and Facilitator

I'm a people person and it shows!

If we've not met yet, hello! I'm Angela Raspass, a Business Strategist, Mentor, and Facilitator.

I have a background in corporate marketing, sponsorships, and events, I've grown a successful small business marketing agency, am the co-owner of a national sailing franchise, and have been self-employed for more than 20 years.

I'm most often described as a warm, wise connector, and bring a personal touch to facilitation.

My approach is conversational, approachable, and reflective, ensuring participants feel comfortable and engaged. With a knack for storytelling and gentle humour, the sessions I facilitate are enjoyable and memorable.

My qualifications and experience, combined with a deep understanding of personal psychology and business dynamics, allow me to facilitate events that are both impactful and aligned with your organisation's goals.

I look forward to connecting with you to discuss how I can help shape, host, and elevate your next event on or offline.

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