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Angela Bueti

Program Manager, Specialisterne Australia

I decided to work with Angela because I felt like I was stuck professionally, not really knowing where to take my career and how to balance that with moving into my next phase of life wanting flexibility to pursue travel and perhaps explore other projects. Usually very decisive, I found that I was stuck in a loop of uncertainty and felt like I needed an objective viewpoint and framework for making these important life decisions.


I hesitated to engage a coach for quite a few months because I had never worked with one before and didn’t know what to expect. Finding the right coach for me was important. I came to Angela through a personal recommendation, we had a discovery call, and I immediately knew she was the right fit. The combination of Angela’s directness, supportiveness and proven expertise in self-leadership clinched the deal!


Unexpectedly, within the first coaching session with Angela I gained enough insight into my own values, strengths and skill sets, coupled with some very clear actionable steps, to start exploring options and start gaining some momentum – I was becoming unstuck! It was surprising to me that I could start getting clarity so early on in the coaching process.


Angela is an exceptional listener and can draw out all your random thoughts and reflect them back to help you make sense of what’s important and to help guide you with a framework for making change. She is a wonderful combination of warm and engaging, with a no-bullshit, direct approach. She instils confidence and promotes action.


The blend of strategy and principles of self-leadership that she shares apply to all of us, and the gift Angela gives is to help you see how you can apply them to your own circumstances to confidently make the changes you want.

I fully recommend Angela to anyone who wants to get un-stuck!