Feedback - what it's like to work together

Catherine McCoy - iNaturally

Elevating authority – differentiation in a crowded market

I’m Catherine McCoy the Founder of iNaturally where I’ve been practising as a naturopath for over 18 years. I started out as a general practitioner, but over time my practice has evolved. I began to notice women saying how exhausted and fatigued they were feeling and I knew I wanted to focus on this aspect of health.

What did you need?

I was so busy running the business that I couldn’t find the time to focus on taming and directing the great swirling mass of ideas I had. It was so frustrating to see that when a client was in front of me I could easily pull all the things together and create a plan for them to go forward, yet in contrast, I could never pin my thoughts down to create the same level of clarity and strategy for the next stage of my business! Then I found you.

Our first steps

When we had an initial ZOOM consultation it was so good. I thought, “Oh, my God, she actually gets me!”

I liked the way that you drew out and were able to articulate my thoughts by asking questions that connected me to the big picture. You were immediately able to sort, process and elevate my ideas into a coherent whole. And I really loved the way that you could see things that I couldn’t see, possibilities and angles that I didn’t even know were there.

What we mapped out made sense and I was never forced out of out of my depth because you quickly understood the way I work. That’s not in great big huge pictures, or big grandiose ideas – I like order and logic and very achievable goals. I like seeing things mapped out in a way that clearly shows how to get from A to B, a way forward, that makes sense to me.

What we focused on

We consolidated my ideas into a framework we named “The Fatigue Solution”, and created a Visual wheel and a 3-phased approach. We pulled this concept across to Linked In and positioned me as the “Creator of The Fatigue Solution”, effectively taking ownership of this space.

The result – an authority initiative

It was at your Business Project Retreat that it all came together. We created structure, clarity and credibility not just for me, but for my clients as well. We clarified my messaging, rejigged the website, and developed an action plan that was the right fit for me.

I’ve found my clients are now more able to self-identify – when they contact me they’ve often already read the page and found themselves in the description and in the visual model. They have a clearer understanding of what they are experiencing and why. The Fatigue Solution concept offers deeper credibility and they seem readier to invest.

The unique value you added

I needed someone to sift through the white noise that was in my head, extract the gold and put it on a page. I knew it was all in there. I just didn’t know how to get out.

I’ve come across a lot of different business support options, but in comparison to your approach, so many seem very much cookie cutter. “It’s like, if you do this you’ll make $10,000 a week or whatever”. I knew that that was not what I needed.

You add immense value because you’ve been in business for a long time, you’re someone who loves to learn and grow, you’re happy to work deeply with me one on one, not in a group. And you’re a lovely person!

But the standout for me is that you have the ability to conceptualise and respond to what the public is looking for. You have such broad knowledge and sharp instincts – take branding and copy, as just one example. You can take a paragraph and quickly make changes to make it better, because you seem to have that ability to just… know. Your marketing background comes out strongly.

And you keep things simple. You’re never full of fluff and you never offer up any bull***t.

What’s next?

I feel that any growth or evolution in a business needs time for to settle. Then you can see whether you need to elevate it to the next level, or whether you need to tweak it.

That’s not something that happens overnight – it could be a month, it could take six months, it could take 12 months, until things are clear. That’s when I come back and say “this is what’s happening. This is where things are now and this is where I want it to go next”.

You have longevity when it comes to working with people in this way. You help us to evolve and build sustainable businesses. That’s what I value and that’s why I’ll be developing my next business chapter with you.