Feedback - what it's like to work together

Joanne Peirs cc

Joanne Speirs


I’m in the very early start-up stage of my business and at the time were feeling overwhelmed with the enormity of who I am in a business sense, who my clients are, and how to market myself. I really didn’t know where to start. I knew where I wanted to be, but not how to get there or the steps to take.
In a new business, there’s a lot of money going out, but not much coming in. I’ve spent a lot of money on quick fixes, tips, courses, and ebooks, which promised the world, but left me more frustrated and less knowledgeable. Investing in a strategy session with Angela allowed me to really focus on my core values and beliefs, and those I want to build my business to be built on.

The whole experience was results-driven from the thought-provoking pre-session materials that laid a solid foundation for the session itself. I no longer have to waste money as I came away with a clear direction, including deep clarity on who my niche market is, and how to price my services accordingly, as well as great tools, resources and a focused strategy.

Angela is genuine and passionate, and knows her stuff! Her empathetic and generous nature really connected with me and it allowed us to have open and honest conversations about my business, my goals, and also fears. The preparation before the strategy session was vital in enabling us to get to the core of what my business is about and, in fact who I am as a person. Her approach to working together made me feel at ease and supported. I know Angela is only an email away and is available in her group for ongoing support, which was also crucial in my decision to invest in a strategy session. Knowing I have someone there to call on is very comforting.