Feedback - what it's like to work together

melanie curry

Melanie Curry

I reached out to Angela when I was, quite unexpectedly, promoted to the position of CEO of the Ron Davis Autism Foundation – a brand new nonprofit organisation that launched right in the middle of the worldwide COVID pandemic.  I needed a mentor that could provide me with support, direction, clarity, and solutions. Angela not only provided all of these things, but she also brought so much more into our work together – insight, acceptance, an unwavering belief in me, and all of this with a wicked sense of humour.
To be honest, I did have to think long and hard before investing in Angela’s support, as the cost of investment was considerable compared to my level of income. However, it was worth every dollar.  Every goal that we set together has been achieved – I have action plans in place now that I simply could not have developed with such cohesiveness had it not been for Angela’s incredible ability to distil key areas of focus, connect the dots, think outside the square, and bring it all together into a workable solution. I am truly amazed that we managed to achieve so much in our time together.
The most unexpected outcome for me was the insight that I gained into myself and my instinctive drives – and how empowering it is not only to be aware of these instinctive drives but to harness them and work to my individual strengths.
I would unreservedly and wholeheartedly recommend Angela to any professional or businesswoman looking for mentoring support – working with her has added so much value, not only to my ability in my professional role but to my feeling of self-worth.
When I reached out to Angela for support, I felt like I was bobbing around in a vast ocean, focusing all of my energy simply on keeping afloat. I now feel like I am in the boat, at the helm, steering it in a purposeful and exciting direction, with a new level of confidence and self-belief.