Feedback - what it's like to work together

Sarah Denholm Improve your public speaking

Sarah Denholm

I hired Angela to get an expert outside perspective on my business and help me to refine and streamline my offerings. She’s given me so much more than that!

Angela started with helping me to develop a signature system to visually communicate the unique way I work with my clients. She has been the architect of a complete website overhaul: from overall look and navigation, right down to the specifics of the copy. I’ve also been provided with many tools and resources that have been so valuable for marketing and business development.

It’s been such a relief to have someone “in my corner” to bounce ideas off and to offer clear suggestions for improvement. Angela embodies what she promises, is truly generous with her time and resources, and does it all with warmth and energy. At the same time, she’s straightforward, crisp and to the point. Working with her has been a wonderful and very worthwhile investment.

I highly recommend her!