When suicide changes your whole world – Ep 130 with Charlotte Maya

Charlotte 130

Charlotte Maya was 39 with two small sons when she lost her husband to suicide. She had no idea Sam was so close to the edge and was utterly shell-shocked. “I had a plan, and this wasn’t it”, said Charlotte. Since that day, she has learned so much about resilience and mental health and suicide and decided to speak out and help to release the stigma. Her Next Chapter began when she hit publish on the first post on her blog, Sushi Tuesdays, six years after she lost her husband.

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Show Notes

  • Seeing something through the lens of experience and realising you have the desire to contribute is life-changing
  • If you can help just one person with the contribution you decide to make, it really is worthwhile
  • How we choose to treat ourselves reflects our capacity for holding our own power
  • Take good care of yourself – I dedicated Tuesdays to Charlotte – Shabbat!
  • We all have losses in life - you can deal with the good and the bad, even the horrifying and still find grace
  • We can out so much pressure in ourselves – choose kindness
  • You can live your way into a new reality
  • Your inner critic will become more vocal when you’re on the right path – she says “you’re too old, you don’t have the experience, people won’t listen to you…”. You need to recognise her, and gently out her in her place”.
  • All we ever need to be in is this one moment
  • There will be an after

About the speaker

Charlotte is married with four sons, has a BA in English and a JD from UCLA. She lives in California in a new blended family with two dogs and two cats, and no actual white picket fence, but two very tall pine trees.

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