From Corporate CEO to Spiritual Retreat Founder – Ep 140 with June Laffey

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How do you move from being the chief executive officer of a large advertising Health Network in New York, with 100 people under your command, to being a medicine woman, a galactic Queen, and a channel of light and love? It sounds like an extreme case of juxtaposition, but the two actually existed side by side for quite some time in June’s life.

It was only when homeward bound after COVID hit in New York, and spending time on her spiritual retreat in Topi Topi in country New South Wales, that June realised that her desire for the latter had overtaken the former, and that it was time to step fully into her next chapter, and use the gifts that had been bestowed upon her.

This is a story of change of doubt, of fear, but more importantly, of trust, and how to really connect to and follow your heart so that you can step fully into the future that is calling you.

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Show Notes

Show Notes

  • Challenges are a gift. We need to be buffeted and tested since we are here to grow
  • Find your people, your tribe, the ones you can learn from- no one is meant to grow alone
  • Perhaps you need to BE, instead of doing…
  • The more I let go, the more the Universe delivers – its currency is trust
  • Don’t try and fit yourself into an existing mode, a straitjacket. Trust your instincts and desires

About the speaker

I'm June Laffey and I’m an Intuitive Mentor & Channel of Light and Love.  I live and work at Topi Topi Retreat, a beautiful powerful and idyllic haven, just three hours north of Sydney. It has not always been this way. I only made the decision to commit to this work and follow my spiritual path in February 2021.

I work with the energy of this sacred land, whilst calling on my many spiritual gifts, including channelled light language and song. I am a kundalini reiki master also. This spiritual work is grounded by many years of international, creative leadership experience.

Throughout my significant corporate career, I recognised, shaped and championed both people and ideas. I worked in healthcare advertising, choosing to move to health in 2000 as I wanted to make a difference. I worked for a major network for the past decade, moving up from Executive Creative Director of the Sydney office, to Chief Creative Officer in their flagship office in New York. I have won many, many prestigious awards and have headed up pretty much all the major international health advertising award shows, including Cannes Lions pharma jury chair in 2017.

I’ve now chosen a fresh path, embracing my own truth by bringing clarity and empowerment to a whole new level. Quite simply I can help people find their power within, get out of their head and into their heart and move from jaded to joy.

My superpower is uniting other’s inner knowing with trust and action.  By channelling my guides and tapping into others’ innate intuition, I can help remove blocks and make energetic shifts.  People experience different things – from peace, serenity and certainty to energy, vibrancy, and growth.  Results could be simple sudden clarity where people suddenly know how to make changes that have previously eluded them.  Or a complete shift in their perception of life and what’s most important.

Whilst at Topi Topi, I channelled The Academy of Light handbook, with activations to help reunite people with their inner knowing and purpose.

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