Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 45: Larisa Halls and Angela Raspass – Setting the right goals for YOU

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One of the “secret weapons” of my business and life is Larisa Halls from Everyday Inspiration. Larissa has helped me work through many of the mindset challenges that inevitably pop up when you are committed to expansion and her insights, provocative questions and ability to facilitate deep self-awareness and change over time has been invaluable.

So much so that I’ve decided to open up one Podcast episode a month to wholehearted discussion about all things mindset and personal development. We’ll range across a myriad of topics when we get together, sharing our own experiences and exploring common themes and new ideas, and welcome your questions too. In todays episode, we talk about setting the “right” goals – what does that mean for you?

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Show Notes

  • Don’t adopt someone else’s definition of success when you are developing your goals because…
  • The right goals for you are personal and connected to your values, but you are not the sum of your goal achievement!
  • We set goals to move towards pleasure or away from pain
  • It’s important to know that goals hold challenge within – when you are prepared for that fact, you are less likely to “fall at the first hurdle”
  • Sometimes letting go of a goal is completion
  • It’s necessary to decide what you will let go of to create the time and space for the focus a goal requires
  • Internal inspiration trumps external validation
  • Trust your body barometer

About the speaker

"In a disordered mind, as in a disordered body, soundness of health, wealth and success are impossible"

Larissa is an experienced coach, yoga and meditation teacher who focuses on bringing order and wholeness to your mind and emotional state, so you can experience the health, wealth and success you envision. She offers emotional support for women in business, assisting them in renewing their sense of self, manage overwhelm and refresh their view about who they "think" they really are.

Larissa has a unique combination of skills that allow her to embody all aspects of the self (Mind - Body - Soul). She is passionate about teaching others the interwoven connection between their thoughts and perceptions, actions, mindset, hidden sub - conscious agendas, the bodies feedback mechanism (their physiology) and the results they see in their lives.

This enables her clients to better manage their emotions, gain an awareness of the gifts and talents they bring to the world whilst uncovering the limitless potential they have to create their life's vision.

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