Self leadership is the vehicle
that powers successful strategy

The synergy of strategy and self-leadership in business

How often have you stood at a point in your business journey, considering a crucial decision?

It's in these moments that self-leadership is your most powerful ally.

The set of skills it encompasses - Self-knowledge, Flexible Thinking, Emotional intelligence and Intentional Action when thoughtfully utilised, serve as both compass and anchor.

A Self-leader has made the shift from the need for external validation to the power of internal authority.

Why is Self-leadership particularly vital for women in business?

Both formal and anecdotal research shows that women face unique challenges beyond the usual demands of running a business.

You likely know the pull of expectations from family and society. The mental load we juggle alongside our work is a challenge. We can also grapple with self-doubt or imposter syndrome that can create an unsupportive internal narrative, even after years of business success and ample evidence of our capabilities.

This means it's not always easy to ensure you're pulled forward by your authentic desires and goals, rather than being held back or pushed forward by an external agenda.

Self-leadership skills help you to navigate this complexity with clarity, confidence, and resilience. Developing the identity of a Self-leader is a powerful strategy for you to reach and leverage the potential within yourself so you can, in turn, maximise the potential of your business.


"More than ever, you need to develop your Self-Leadership abilities so that you can continually evolve your lens, frameworks, and actions to navigate new challenges and opportunities".

Tony Gambill, Forbes article, 2022.

How Strategy and Self-leadership work together

Personalised Business Strategy fuelled by the 5 components of my Self-leadership framework is my approach to mentoring and the metaphor below helps to illustrate how these areas of focus converge.

Picture embarking on a journey towards the next chapter of your business, where strategy is your roadmap, self-leadership is your vehicle and you are firmly in the driver’s seat.

Engine - Self-Knowledge:

At the heart of your vehicle is its engine - Self-knowledge. When you understand and appreciate your strengths, values, and passions, you make sure the direction you're headed aligns with who you are and what's important to you whilst fully leveraging all of your assets.

Steering - Flexible Thinking:

As the business road inevitably twists and turns, a truly responsive steering system helps you navigate the challenges. Flexible thinking aids this adaptability, ensuring you don’t get stuck when faced with obstacles, instead finding innovative ways around them. Your ability to pivot can mean the difference between stagnation and growth in your business.

Gearstick & brakes - Emotional Intelligence:

Sometimes you need to hit the brakes, and sometimes you simply need to change gears. The ability to regulate your reactions, pause, evaluate, and respond strategically rather than react impulsively is vital. Fortunately, EQ is a set of skills you can learn to master that help you make better business decisions and build better business relationships.

Accelerator - Intentional Action:

Once the path is clear, you need to hit the accelerator to move ahead. This is intentional action, the focus that ensures every mile you travel is towards your overarching goals. This intentionality takes you to your destination via the quickest route, avoiding the distracting cul-de-sacs and side roads that can take you off course.

Fuel - Vitality:

Lastly, to keep your car running, you need fuel, and that's where the final Self-leadership Principle kicks in. Vitality fuels your business journey, ensuring you have the energy, well-being, and drive to push through, even when you’re facing challenges and multiple demands.

Strategy development and self-leadership are interdependent

Equally, the successful implementation of strategy is far more likely when you practise the 5 principles, growing yourself as you grow your business.

My ability to anchor you with both is another reason why working with me is a uniquely valuable experience.


The power of
Self-leadership in business

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As a business owner, when you embrace self-leadership, you gain:

  • Crystal-clear vision and focus
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • Resilience during challenges
  • Improved decision-making abilities
  • Deepened relationships with stakeholders