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FRIDAY 6th, 10am, and then, Tuesday 11am Oct 10, 17 & 24 on ZOOM

Self-leadership is the key to your growth

Many of the women I talk with say things like "If only I could unlock myself - find the domino to knock down that will get things moving. I know there's more potential inside of me..."

Does that feel familiar? It can be like the next iteration of you is waiting in the wings, and you just need to figure out how to invite her to take centre stage.

There's a powerful force that can ensure you thrive – self-leadership. It's the bridge connecting your personal growth with your professional aspirations, and it relies on building your own authority, rather than berating yourself!

The Self-leadership Sessions open up this new approach to your growth and development, weekly experiences of learning, growth, and collaboration, designed to help you build your self-leadership skills.

They are interactive, facilitated discussions, giving you a unique opportunity to explore the transformative power of self-leadership, and equipping you with valuable practices and tools to enhance every aspect of your journey.


Melanie Curry, Founding Director, Ron Davis Autism Foundation.

I signed up for the Self-leadership Sessions because I have a strong desire to continue to grow as a person and as a leader, to harness more of my inner strength, to become more empowered and grounded in my abilities, and to support my vitality, so that I can show up in the world as my best self, and support others to do the same.

Having had the opportunity to experience Angela’s fabulous coaching in the past, I was confident that the content would be full of quality information and strategies, and her sparks of wisdom during the group conversations would be invaluable.

I was right.

I have already learned simple, effective strategies that I have been able to put into practice with immediate effect. I can already feel a positive shift in how I am "showing up" and I believe any professional woman looking to thrive will benefit from these sessions. 

Carolyn Tate, Educator, Freelance Writer, Author

I truly love these self-leadership sessions with Angela. I often can't see the woods for the trees so these sessions have helped me step back and take a bigger picture look at my patterns, behaviours and the self-talk that limits and distorts my thinking and decision-making.

I've noticed an immediate shift in my mindset and beliefs after these sessions - the practices and the tools she offers are really helpful. Self-leadership concepts are simple but practicing can be hard. It's much easier with Angela's support.

What to Expect:

During our one-hour sessions, we'll dive into each core principle of self-leadership, exploring real-world applications, and discussing actionable practices that drive tangible results.

The principles of Self-leadership

Each week we will explore how to:

  • Ignite Your Self-Knowledge:
    Understand and leverage your purpose, values, and unique strengths to align your actions with your true passions.
  • Embrace Flexible Thinking:
    Recognise and challenge your fixed beliefs and unleash your creativity and adaptability to see opportunities where others may see obstacles.
  • Master Emotional Intelligence:
    Develop a profound understanding of your emotions and develop the ability to respond and cultivate empathy for more authentic connections.
  • Embrace Intentional Action:
    Set meaningful goals and take purposeful steps towards your aspirations with unwavering determination.
  • Cultivate Vitality:
    Build self-care practises and manage stress to amplify your energy, focus, and overall well-being.

through discussions, exercises, break-out rooms and deliberate practice both on and between our calls.

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Why should you attend the Self-leadership Sessions?

These sessions are a supportive space for professional women to:

  • Gain profound self-awareness and develop a strong sense of confidence and direction.
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence to understand and manage your feelings, so you can respond rather than react to the curve balls life can throw
  • Unlock your creativity and adaptability for more effective problem-solving by exploring the skill of cognitive flexibility.
  • Master positive valued-aligned goal-setting techniques to better direct your professional and personal growth.
  • Find new ways to amplify your energy levels and well-being, nurturing your overall vitality.

How to Join:

Register for our FREE "Self-Leadership Sessions" through the link below. These sessions are ongoing, so you can attend as many or as few as you wish. Reserve your spot now and take a proactive step towards becoming the leader of your own life.


Who facilitates the Self-leadership Sessions?


Hello! I'm Angela Raspass, a Sydney-based strengths-based Self-leadership Coach, Mentor, and Facilitator, with a deep background in business strategy and personal development.

Over the past 20 years, I've helped hundreds of women develop the clarity, confidence, and action plans to thrive in the next chapter of their business, career, and life.

The key focus I have with my work is to deepen your Self-leadership and boost your internal authority.

Whether you want to:

  • start or grow a business
  • flourish in a career
  • be an effective and connected manager or leader
  • commit to causes that are important to you, or
  • balance personal contribution and fulfilment

the skills of Self-Leadership are invaluable.

As a Self-leader, you mindfully follow your inner compass with integrity, making the choices and decisions that fuel your sense of purpose and meaning. It's a state of being that is anchored in self-worth, creating the self-belief that facilitates personal thriving and positively impacts everyone around you.

I look forward to meeting you at the next Self-leadership session!