Connection events for
women seeking growth

Join us for connection & inspiring conversations

Self-leadership dinners bring together a diverse group of interesting women to have a lively conversation on a business and/or personal development topic over good food in a great restaurant.

The events are aligned with one of the core concepts in The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker, that committing to a clear purpose for your gathering is the first step to making it great.

My purpose is to host an intentional event to facilitate connections between people, ideas and possibilities, where we can freely share our thoughts and listen to and learn from the experiences and insights of others.

And so I invite businesswomen who are Self Leaders - curious, open and committed to the growth of themselves, their careers, their businesses and those around them.

I call it "Connectworking"

Conferences, events, networking sessions, social media all have their place and I enjoy them, but they often don't allow the time and space for the deeper connected conversations I really love.

The exchange of ideas, shared stories and insights, honesty about hopes and plans and fears, these are the things that can really make a difference to how you feel.

And how you feel definitely makes a huge difference to what you realise is possible for you in your business, career and life

I limit the seats at each dinner to a maximum of 10-12 guests to ensure an intimate and inclusive experience. This allows everyone the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood with ample room for contribution. I guarantee you'll leave feeling uplifted, having made new friends and likely expanded your own thinking.

The meal

You'll be enjoying a delicious 2-course meal (main and dessert) with several choices available, a drink is provided on arrival as is sparkling mineral water throughout the evening. Additional beverages are at your own expense. Special dietary requirements are always catered for when you let us know before the evening. The cost is typically around $100 + GST depending on the location and venue and you can opt to include a copy of my book; Your Next Chapter - ditch your doubt, own your worth and build the business you really want" at checkout for a special discounted price.

Before each event, I'll be in touch to introduce you to your fellow diners, to check if you have any special dietary needs, and to provide you with details of our "conversation starter topic" and questions to ponder that we'll discuss on the night.

How guests describe the evenings

Linda Addison Personal Stylist

LInda Addision Bottle Green and Yellow

Interesting conversations and good food are often promised but rarely delivered. This is not the case with a dinner hosted by Angela. Her event prep includes sending links to articles relevant to the topic - I took action because of one of them with positive results which was fab for me.

For the event itself, Angela is a consummate host from preplanning the seating through to guiding a structured discussion of the theme.

I recommend a dinner hosted by Angela. You will find the food is delish but the conversation which Angela expertly guides more so.

Sonya Tirtajaya Community Shapers

"I am very over the standard networking type events, and this was a breath of fresh air, and just what I needed. It was truly a fantastic evening. The company was so refreshing, and honest, and supportive right from the get-go. No facades, or pretences, but genuine sharing of the experience of being a human forging your own purposeful business... I felt buoyed and inspired during and afterwards, and learnt so much".

Sonya Tirtajaya

Anita Gilbert, Founder Flex Body

"It's just so good to connect with other women to widen my outlook. It's been incredibly busy but a little lonely lately. The discussion widened my perspective, and it was really refreshing to meet other women in such different areas and on different journeys. The group dynamic worked well with everyone able to have a voice - we could have chatted for many more hours!

You completely nail the right amount of chat and the right amount of interaction and constructive discussion. You are such an inspiration, and I am incredibly fulfilled each time we connect".

Kylie Holyland Executive Coach Ascend HR

"I arrived with curiosity and an open mind and left heartful – and wiser – Angela encouraged meaningful conversation and connections between us and we all left replete in mind and appetite.

It was wonderful - no one had an agenda, everyone was humble and appreciative, we were all curious and grateful to be in the space that had been created. I enjoyed the diversity of women at the table and the depth of intimacy that was achieved so quickly. I thought that the women who attended were interesting, kind, compassionate and intelligent".

Alison Abernethy - Declutr and less more with less

Alison Abernethy Professional Organiser Declutr

"I detest mainstream networking events, mainly because they’re usually at a ridiculously early time of the day but also because I don’t feel I’m making real or valuable connections with the other attendees. This event sounded intriguing - deeper and more meaningful than a traditional networking event so I arrived with an open mind and a hopeful heart.

I enjoyed everything! The conversations and connections were fascinating and much deeper than any other event. This is like no other business event you’ve ever attended. Get ready to be enlightened, uplifted and energised!".

Kim Crowley Personal Stylist Style Sense

"Your expertise, approach and philosophy is incredible and I find it fascinating to listen to you and to meet the women you work with. I LOVE the way you bring women together in a relaxed yet professional way, that’s a very fine line to walk. The evening was informative, insightful, fun, connective, reassuring, inspiring - particularly when you hear women who have been to some dark places and come back stronger than ever"

Kim Crowley - Personal Stylist

Who is your host?

Hi, I’m Angela Raspass, and I'm a Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for women. I'd love to welcome you to a dinner where you'll connect with new people, new ideas and new possibilities in a relaxed, encouraging atmosphere.

Angela Raspass - A Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for businesswomen