Is it time for change, for your next chapter? – Ep 131 with Angela Raspass

is it time for change for your next chapter EP 131 Angela Raspass

At the end of 2020, I was all tapped out creatively. I’d finally set my book free in the world, meeting a huge personal goal and I needed to allow myself time and space to just be for a while. I did have to battle a little with an inner critic who, in her inimitable judgmental way, assured me I’d disappear into obscurity if I dared to put my pen down awhile.

I chose not to listen, allowed myself space to regroup and this new 10 part interview series all about change is the result several months later. It also coincides with a fresh chapter for me – a new online home that reflects my equal focus on strategy and self-worth.

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Show Notes

  • Business change comes in evolutions.
  • Buckling under and following the “rules” to continually crank out content and stay visible is just not sustainable. Taking a creative break is often the best thing you can do, so give yourself permission to step back if you need too, especially in the weird world that COVID 19 has thrust upon us
  • Belief buddies are vital - they can help hold you to your own promises but also provide the spark of inspiration that gets you moving again. And when you recognise that spark, that thread, follow it…
  • So often a book can be a catalyst for growth and change, as you transform in private” – that was the case for me when I read “I thought it was just me, but it isn’t by Brene Brown in 2007.
  • Sometimes life takes you off on a detour, but eventually you find your way back and focus once again, on becoming the person you’ve always been meant to be
  • When the desire for change emerged again, this time to close my marketing agency, it took almost 12 months of wrangling with my inner critic to reach the point where I felt solidly anchored in both my desire to change and my sense of self-worth
  • Sometimes the market is not ready for your message… and you might need to be patient, to evolve slowly. But the real call, the real you, will bide its time.
  • Don’t try and convince and convert an audience that isn’t right for you and don’t try and contort yourself into a more agreeable shape.
  • That thing you’re considering changing too, turning towards, bringing to life – is it awesome? Does it help? Those are the only two boxes you need to tick

About the speaker

I'm a Business mentor, author and self-worth educator based in Sydney, Australia.

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