Leaving your corporate role to start your own business – Ep 132 with Jen Gwynn-Jones

Leaving your corporate role to start your own business Ep 132

Jennifer Gwyn Jones knows what it feels like to keep pushing down a yearning for change. She knows how easy it is to become constrained by what you can do what you think you should do. How you can become easily stuck in “it’s okay, it’s going okay” land.

But now Jen also knows what it feels like to break free, to be bold and brave and leave a 17-year career to strike out in a new direction that just kept on calling. If you’ve ever wanted to stop what you’re doing now and begin something new, especially if you’re currently in a corporate role or another profession, you will get so much inspiration from this conversation. We talk about the vital role that self-compassion plays when you step out of your comfort zone, how to tap into your own internal wisdom, how to design a rich fulfilling business and life and so much more in this mini guide to courageous change.

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Show Notes

  • When you ignore the thing that’s calling you, that you’re yearning for, eventually your health suffers
  • If you journal, revisit what you’ve written in the past and you will see the same cycles repeat themselves
  • Even if “it’s” good, it might not be good for you
  • I realised there was such a close interweaving of my identity and my work performance and that want healthy
  • I’d spent too much time looking for external validation from people who had different agendas to my own
  • I was living from the head up; my body was just there to walk my head around!
  • Burnout gave me the space to consider “I could be a business owner – what might that look like?”
  • My identify started to shift and I became open to the potential of being something other than the corporate employee
  • Self-compassion did not come easily to me – I liked the idea intellectually, but was unsure of how to actually practice it. I’ve now come to understand that it’s a comfort when things don’t go as you planned
  • Ask yourself in this moment, what’s most important to me?
  • There are so many choices and options available to us, but there are unique “hot tracks” that show up for each of us – get curious, tune into how things feel for you
  • With practice, even if fear does come up, you’ll still be able to feel the sweetness

About the speaker

As a Life Coach, speaker and writer, Jen has helped women all over the world break free from their “shoulds” and find ways to say YES to their yearning.

Jen helps women feeling stuck or confused in their professional or work routine find their true path and tap into the magic of life in practical and meaningful ways.  She came to Life Coaching through studies with the Martha Beck Institute and also training in Acceptance Commitment Training (ACT).  Jen’s focus on helping professionals find their magic is informed by her 17-year career in the Australian civil service and extensive studies including Bachelor degrees in Microbiology and Anthropology and a Masters in International Affairs from the Australian National University.

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