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What’s your thinking style as an entrepreneur?

I was working with a client yesterday when a lightbulb moment hit. We were developing her marketing mosaic, looking to pin down that intersecting…

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Isolation is a growth barrier for female business owners - Angela Raspass - Business Strategist & Mentor

Breaking the isolation barrier for business owners

Many of us are back at our desks after a break where we spent a lot of time around other people, and now… well,…

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The 4 hurdles to change and growth | Angela Raspass | Strategy & Self-leadership Specialist

The 4 hurdles to change and growth

It’s around this time when festivities have begun to fade into the background and the new year looms large that we can begin to…

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The Key to Thriving Self-Leadership and the journey beyond Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Angela Raspass

The Key to Thriving: Self-Leadership and the journey beyond Maslow’s Hierarchy

Do you ever feel like there’s a more empowered version of yourself waiting to take centre stage, but something holds you back? A feeling…

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Self-leadership - the shift from performing for to partnering with your clients | Angela Raspass

The shift from performing for to partnering with your clients

As a business owner, professional woman, leader, coach or consultant,  you may find yourself teaching others what you need to learn yourself. In my…

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Self-leadership - considering other perspectives Angela Raspass

Do you practice perspective-taking?

How often do you pause and deeply consider the perspective that someone else might have? I recently enjoyed a wonderful community journalling experience with…

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Triggers, Glimmers and Joy Jolts

Catch and savour these experiences I was doing some research earlier in the week for a workshop I’m developing and I came across a…

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What are the benefits of knowing your strengths?

The foundation stone of Self-Leadership is Self-Knowledge, being aware of who you are, and this includes your strengths, your values, and your personal vision.…

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What is your life’s work?

What’s your life’s work? One hell of a big question, right? But don’t let it daunt you. It is potentially one of the most…

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