The Clarity Compass

A guide for unlocking the next level of your business

Clarity Compass - your guide to unlock your next chapter in business | Angela Raspass

We all need a shot of clarity at times.

The Clarity Compass is an essential guide for women with an established, service-based business, consultancy, or practice ready for growth and needing clarity on what to prioritise.

Complete the 4 key exercises it contains to cut through uncertainty and create a clear path forward with focused, strategic decisions that will set the path into your next chapter of business success.

With the Clarity Compass, you will:

  • Understand what drives your bottom line
  • Identify untapped opportunities in your service suite
  • Strategically explore 5 growth avenues in your business
  • Solve the common challenge of low market visibility
Clarity Compass
Angela Raspass - Business Strategist, Mentor and Facilitator

Hello there I'm Angela Raspass

I'm a Business Strategist and Mentor for female founders of established, service-based businesses, consultancies and practices. You're likely to be at a plateau or a turning point, aware of untapped potential or with big action plans. When businesswomen reach this stage, the three most common problems I’ve noticed are:

  • Uncertainty with where to focus, which ideas and opportunities to prioritise
  • Being reactive as you juggle operations, delivery and marketing
  • Feeling frustrated, knowing more is possible for both you and your business

I help you to shift from uncertainty to clarity through prioritisation, from reactivity to being guided by a proactive strategy, and from frustration to creating the next level of impact you're fully capable of.

The Clarity Compass provides you with the insights to begin these shifts today.

carolyn tate

Within two hours of working with Angela and using her unique tools and processes, we developed a new 5-step process to help companies articulate their new purpose statement. I’ve secured two new major clients with this process and use it as the basis of all sales conversations with prospective clients.

Carolyn Tate | Founder of Talk on Purpose