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Are you making the most of your natural strengths?

A strength is something you perform well at, find energising and do often – in other words, it’s your authentic self at your best. When you weave your strengths into your work, business and life, you'll feel happier, more confident, and energised and be more able to achieve your goals. When you don’t know what your strengths are, you'll waste valuable time and energy on strategies and pursuits that are just not a good fit for you.

The Strengths Profile is built on over a decade of theoretical and empirical research in positive psychology and has been taken by over 1 million people around the world.

It's a valuable, practical assessment that builds a unique, textured and individualised profile of 60 strengths across three dimensions - energy, performance and use.

With this new insight at your fingertips, you can leverage your strengths to open the next chapter of your business.

Strengths Profile Report Categories

I was captivated by the results of my own report and could quickly see how I could capitalise on the insights it delivered - and that's why I decided to become an Accredited Profiler - so I could share these powerful insights with my own clients.

Together, we'll explore how you can utilise these insights in a personal debrief session, including ways to:

  • combine your strengths for increased impact
  • create strategies to mitigate the risks that weaknesses might pose
  • structure your business, services, and marketing to leverage what comes easily to you
  • open new possibilities with your unrealised strengths

Who are you at your best?

We all have an inherent drive to grow, feel purposeful, contribute, and seek fulfilment - these are often the motivations that have us step onto the path of business building.

But it's difficult to spot your own strengths

We often have an idea of some things we do well, but it's tricky to see the big, full, technicoloured picture because:

  • We don't see ourselves the way other people see us (our filters are too firmly in place)
  • Our strengths are often things we find easy (and therefore don't value highly)
  • We can think too narrowly about what an actual strength is (and don't consider how they work synergistically together)
  • Our most extreme traits are often both strengths and weaknesses (and so can be confusing and often dismissed)
  • We can get caught up in social comparison (forgetting our unique values and intentions)

Investing in a professional, researched, and evidence-based Strengths Profile assessment is a great decision.

The core benefits of knowing your strengths.

Cappfinity, the organisation I am accredited with lists the key benefits of taking a strengths profile and receiving a personal debrief as:

  • Having higher confidence – People who used their strengths more reported higher levels of belief that they can achieve the things they want to achieve.
  • Having more energy – The use of strengths is associated with high levels of positive energy and a buzz.
  • Greater resilience – Through using strengths, people more easily face and overcome obstacles that previously held them back
Discover your strengths - Cappfinity Strengths Profile with Angela Raspass


  • Greater sense of well-being – The use of strengths is positively linked with well-being and these three psychological needs: autonomy, relatedness, and competence.
  • More engaged – People who use their strengths are six times more engaged at work. Wow!
  • Achieving goals – By aligning strengths to goals, people are more likely to achieve them as they become personally meaningful. I also utilise the art of positive goal setting with my clients, and this is far easier when we have your strengths and values to work with.
  • Improving productivity – Strengths use has been proven to substantially increase job performance and productivity for companies. This also holds true for you personally if you work for yourself.
  • Improving teamwork – Focusing on strengths in teams facilitates: efficient allocation of tasks, greater role flexibility, and encourages cooperation.
  • Increasing openness and ability to deal with change – The use of strengths generates positive emotions that broaden people’s mindsets, encouraging them to discover new ways of thinking and acting, and the ability to deal with the after-effects of negative events.

These benefits all combine to boost your performance as a business owner.

The ADHD Advantage


Identifying, owning and utilising your strengths is even more important for a businesswoman working with ADHD, as I have discovered since my mid-2022 diagnosis at the age of 53.

I now understand why I chopped and changed the core of my business so often and seemed to struggle with what I thought were pretty basic things (consistent content creation was just one example). I can see now that not only did I have unmanaged ADHD, but I was not playing to my strengths a lot of the time. Instead, I was trying to fit the mould of how I thought a business should look and how a founder should act.

Now I approach things very differently, with a deep appreciation for my unique strengths and a commitment to leveraging them, embedding them deep into the heart of my business model and how I approach my work on a daily basis.


Some of the EXTRA benefits for ADHD Businesswomen:

  1. Self-Awareness: Understanding your strengths provides hugely valuable self-awareness and helps you to recognise, own and value your unique abilities. When you've identified where and how you naturally excel, it becomes a lot easier to design your business model so it's a far better fit for you.
  2. Capitalising on your strengths: By focusing on what you do best you can maximise your productivity and effectiveness and harness your energy. Fulfilment and success - on your terms - are most often the result.
  3. A confidence boost: Many of us with ADHD have struggled with self-doubt and self-worth, especially with our tendency to place exceedingly high expectations on ourselves and to also fall into the Comparison Trap as we see the progress of others that we feel we "should" be matching. Understanding your strengths can ground you, anchoring you in your value and capabilities. That's a far stronger place to build from.
  4. Setting Realistic Goals: Back onto that topic of expectations, understanding your strengths (and acknowledging the areas which don't come as easily to you) helps you to set more realistic goals that better align with your abilities.  This knowledge can also help you to consider potential challenges that you might face along the way and to use "If that, then this" anticipatory thinking.
  5. Continuous Growth: Self-awareness is an essential component of personal growth and development - it's right in the heart of the Self-Knowledge principle of my Self-leadership Framework and I've yet to meet a fellow ADHD'er who is not a wee bit obsessed with learning and growth! When you know your strengths, you can seek opportunities to build on those strengths and expand your skill set in a way that better aligns with your natural talents.

Your Investment?

Just $595 AUD (plus GST if you are an Australian Resident)

How does knowing Your Strengths help?

Karen Porter Instinctive Drives Profile

Karen Porter

Social Enterprise Founder 

"I think understanding yourself is really important, especially if you know you have more potential than you’re currently reaching. I now no longer need to try and fit myself into someone else’s ‘this is how all business owners reach success’ box. I’ve never been a fan of that approach but, you read the books, do the courses and wonder what’s wrong with you. I now understand more about the way I work and will stop feeling guilty about ‘doing it all wrong'. I can stop resisting being me!"

Ready to understand yourself better?

You can book your Strengths Profile today - you'll receive access to the profile questionnaire via email with a unique code. Once it's completed you'll receive your detailed report and a second link to book your 75-minute personal debrief with me to discuss your results and the potential changes you'll implement.