Who looks outside, dreams
Who looks inside, awakes

~ Carl Jung

Business Strategist & Self-leadership Coach for women - Angela Raspass

Ever felt like you've hit a pothole in your business?

That feeling is more common than you might think!

This business adventure is an evolution. Even if you stay in the same industry, your approach, services, focus, priorities, and vision are all likely to change significantly over time.

That means at different times you'll find yourself diverted onto a side road, stuck in a creative cul-de-sac or facing what feels like a dead end.

And even if you are happily roaring down the freeway with a clear destination in mind, you can find yourself running out of fuel, with a flat tyre, or in need of an updated map.

I help you to navigate your business journey

As a Business Strategist and Self-leadership Coach, I'm an interesting mix of Business GPS and Mechanic. I help you redefine a destination that feels exciting and purposeful, develop the strategies that will help you get there and equip you with the Self-leadership skills that ensure you're in great shape for your trip.

With over 20 years of post-corporate self-employment, and working with hundreds of business owners across multiple industries, there are few business roads I haven't travelled myself or accompanied my clients on, so I'm confident I'll be able to help you navigate the road you find yourself on today.

I've coupled my rich, coal-face experience with focused learning and growth, and synthesised it into a unique blend of strategic acumen and personal growth guidance that women in business find invaluable.

I'd love to join your support team!

A little bit of background.

My professional journey kickstarted in the corporate world of the late 80’s after I impulsively arrived in Sydney from New Zealand (for 3 months…)

While studying marketing, I worked in the media industry in sales, trade promotions, sponsorships, and events. I mainly enjoyed the demanding and exhilarating environment, even though I can now clearly see the casual, cutting sexism that was endemic at that time.

When marriage to a wildly entrepreneurial husband, two bonus boys (my stepsons), and two little people of ours became a part of my story, full-time work in that arena became just too hard.

Like so many women, I wanted flexibility and satisfying work, a rather elusive combination back then! That's why my entrepreneurial story began in 2003.

From corporate creature to business builder

I took my corporate skills into the wild and over time my freelance marketing venture blossomed into a dynamic small marketing agency with a Northshore office, a fabulous small team, and clients in three Australian states.

Yes, the growth was significant. I "should" have been delighted… and for a while I was, but I gradually felt my intrinsic optimism draining away.

I realised I’d built a business model that leveraged my skills, but no longer thrilled and fulfilled me and as a result was actually burning me out.

It took some time to disengage from the idea that to change was to “FAIL”. Thankfully I eventually staged an intervention in my thinking and transitioned from consulting to coaching, mentoring, and facilitation in 2012.

I know that this is my natural habitat

I'm captivated and energised by serving smart, generative women in business through a fusion of my strategic brain, divergent thinking, big heart, and love of personal growth.

As a Strategist and Self-leadership Coach, it's my goal to help you thrive in a business that serves you just as much as you serve your clients. I offer Strategic Planning Days, Strengths Profiling, Business Retreats, and Business Coaching Programs - let's connect and chat about where you are, where you'd like to be, and how I can help you make the shift.

Kate Riordan
Process Improvement Consultant.

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"Angela is smart, supportive, real, professional and holistic and she has the right balance of business knowledge and emotional support. I think we all suffer from self-doubt and a lack of skills/knowledge at stages in our lives. Working with Angela made me feel anything was possible. That I was supported and not alone on this scary and exhilarating journey".

Who and how I help

My expertise is in working with women who have an established service-based business. They've been in business for several years and are ready to expand, reposition and remodel or they're feeling stuck, a little flat, and need inspiration to start something fresh.

I see business as an evolution. As you change it needs to change with you.

I help you to dig under the surface where we can pinpoint either the issues that are causing the rumblings of discontent or the feeling of stuckness you're experiencing or give shape and effectively prioritise the myriad of ideas you have for changing and growing your business.

Once we understand these, you can recalibrate and refocus, setting new goals, creating new services, and developing a fresh vision that resonates with who you have become, who you want to serve and how you define a fulfilling business.

My business is also ADHD-friendly - I was diagnosed in 2022 at 53 and now appreciate where my divergent thinking, optimism, resilience and energy come from! You can read more about my philosophy and approach to managing neurodiversity here.

Cate Richards
Business Strategist.

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"Working together was a joy! You approached my concepts with enthusiasm, validated my efforts, contributed thoughtful, incisive comments, and allowed me to stretch and see the shape and next steps. Thanks for sharing your brilliance and deep experience with me. I'm sure so many other people are equally helped by your support and attention".

The last little snippets...

I'm a bit of an open book, deeply value connection, and believe trust is at the heart of a good business relationship, so I'll get the ball rolling with a few more details about me...

  • Some of my top strengths are Growth, Esteem Builder, Emotional awareness, Synthesis, Connector, Catalyst, Ideation, Improver, Activator, and Courage - these combine to make me a great coach, mentor, and strategist.
  • I was diagnosed with ADHD at 53 and this newfound awareness and my subsequent hyperfocus on discovering what's needed to thrive with a uniquely wired unique brain has definitely enhanced my coaching skills. Although I am not a certified ADHD Coach, my approach has attracted and helped many neurodiverse entrepreneurs.
  • I am a voracious reader and always have at least 3 books on the go at any given time on my nightstand, in my handbag, and on my audible app. The Connectworking Dinners I host each month in Sydney and Canberra are always anchored with a discussion around a personal or business growth topic I've drawn from what I'm reading.
  • I achieved one of my biggest bucket list goals in 2020, publishing my book "Your Next Chapter, Ditch your doubt own your worth and build the business you really want". It's had many great reviews and is one of my proudest achievements. You can order a copy here.
  • In 2006 I joined the recovery movement, finally closing the door on an alcohol addiction that I thought was an answer to my lack of self-worth. I'm hugely grateful to have enjoyed unbroken sobriety since then and the lessons I have learned in identity, self-compassion, rewiring internal narratives, building self-belief and so much more have proven invaluable for my clients.
  • I completed a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Strengths Profiling Accreditation in 2022 to add to a toolbox that includes ACT, EFT, and a Neuroscience and Wellbeing Certificate. I'm currently studying Vertical Stage Development and am excited to share the implications for female entrepreneurs soon.
  • Graham and I have been married for 28 years, our son Cameron (who lives in Canberra) is 24, and our daughter Charlotte is 20. We live in beautiful Bayview on the Northern Beaches in Sydney and our family is completed by Remy, arguably the world's cutest Cavoodle. My "Bonus Boys" from Graham's first marriage, Sebastian and Jason, are 37 and 34 and live nearby.

I'm so glad you've found my world and I can't wait to meet you!

Business Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for women Angela Raspass

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