Feedback - what it's like to work together

Esther Zeledon - Business Coaching Client

Esther Zeledon

Be. Act. Change

I was looking for someone like me (someone who is a coach, mentor and strategist) to help me strategise the way forward with my business and I’m so glad I found you.

I’ve had so many benefits from the VIP workshop – it was amazing!!!

In particular, the transformation I provide to my clients is now so clear, which is invaluable. I’d been trying for so trying to find the right words, and I needed you to help me unpack and articulate what was actually right in front of me that I just couldn’t see.

I loved having you as my strategist because you utilised all the information available and came up with ideas and the way forward that is perfectly aligned with me. Everything we covered was personalised for me and the synergy and energy in the session was so inspiring.

When you work with Angela you have a strategist who becomes your right hand – she’ll bring out your full alignment.

I LOVED the workshop and am looking forward to our next one!!!