Are you at a crossroads in your

The Recalibration Guide offers clarity and a fresh perspective

Business Recalibration Guide - Angela Rapass Business - Business Strategist & Self-leadership Coach for women -

Download the free Business Recalibration Guide so you can:

  • Identify your core revenue sources, spot the gaps to close and the opportunities to pursue
  • Explore the 5 potential growth areas for you to consider that align with your strengths, skills, resources and the market
  • Discover the 4 key criteria to use that help you evaluate and prioritise the growth options you've identified

Don't get bogged down in "bright shiny options" mode - use this guide to make clear-headed decisions and set the right goals for you.

There's also a bonus section that shows you how to blend strategy with self-leadership for sustainable business success.

Angela Raspass - A Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for businesswomen

Hello there I'm Angela Raspass

I'm a Business Strategist and Self-leadership Coach for women.  I specialise in business model renovation because I believe your business needs to evolve as you do and that it needs to serve you just as much as you serve your clients.

I support my clients with personalised strategy that is powered by self-leadership so you can grow your business and yourself.

The shift from seeking external validation to anchoring in your own internal authority ensures you set the right direction and goals for you, making your business sustainable, profitable and enjoyable.

The Business recalibration Guide provides you with the insights to start this move today.

carolyn tate

Within two hours of working with Angela and using her unique tools and processes, we developed a new 5-step process to help companies articulate their new purpose statement. I’ve secured two new major clients with this process and use it as the basis of all sales conversations with prospective clients.

Carolyn Tate | Founder of Talk on Purpose