Feedback - what it's like to work together


Athena Rogers


It was exactly what we wanted. Angela’s ethos is purely about helping women to recognise their achievements and celebrate their true worth. She encourages women to understand their qualities in life and to discover how they can help themselves, their families, and the community at large.

Women in our audience kept saying ‘This is exactly what I need!’

Angela’s style is very entertaining and engaging. Because she’s so open and honest about herself and her experiences, people relate to her very well – and the feedback on her talk was brilliant. We’re putting a video of Angela’s presentation on our parent intranet as part of our Empowering Women Initiative.

We were delighted with the morning.

Angela’s message is a must-have for women and girls in our society – its themes are an essential part of positive education. Her advice is very real and practical; we’ve all heard slogans about ‘achieving balance,’ ‘being positive’ and ‘having it all’ but Angela actually teaches the ‘how’ with strategies that are applicable and easy to understand.

I highly recommend Angela as an inspiring presenter – her message is essential for all women.