Feedback - what it's like to work together

Danielle Wright

Danielle Wright


Originally I was looking for someone to help me prepare and help me with one of my biggest fears public speaking.  My first self–published book, Sleepy Magic, was about to launch, and I knew for it to be successful I would have to push through this fear and feel comfortable talking about it.

When I spoke to you, we instantly clicked, and I knew you wouldn’t just hold my hand in this area but ultimately help market the book and help develop “me” as a brand, not just an author.

We worked one on one for six months while I was in phase one of getting started and then I joined a Business Mastermind that was an intimate group of women with all different businesses. We all love and are passionate about what we are doing and want our work to bring positive change into the world.

And the results we achieved?  Where do I start?? Here’s a list of what has happened in exactly 12 months.

  1. Developed and launched my website.
  2. Printed and published my Sleepy Magic
  3. Gained online media presence and a growing community
  4. Secured my first radio interviews and a string of newspaper/magazine/podcast interviews
  5. Had my book reviewed by newspaper/magazines/bloggers
  6. My books were initially stocked in 14 bookstores/kids shops
  7. I exhibited at three trade shows
  8. I spoke at four speaking gigs (This was the biggest hurdle for me)
  9. I raised over $9,000 to build my Sleepy Magic school in Nepal with Room to Read
  10. I was approached by two literally agents (one being in London) and  a Publisher 6 months after launch.
  11. I now have an agent and publisher!
  12. My book is now selling in over 120 bookstores/shops nationally
  13. Big W will be stocking my book nationally

If that isn’t results I don’t know what is.  Even writing this list has blown me away!

The biggest benefits are that I have a solid foundation of my brand and business I can grow successfully.  I have tools and resources I can rely on to take it to the next level and beyond.  And let’s say in time I do something completely different I  have an arsenal of knowledge with steps to start, grow and whatever it is successful.

What I enjoyed most about working with Angela was her support, enthusiasm, strategic abilities, caring, understanding, a wealth of knowledge and resources, contacts, connection, fun, inspirational, gentle but firm when I needed a kick up the bum.

I would absolutely recommend any woman, regardless of being a first-time entrepreneur or starting a new direction in business or revamping an old one, to work with you.  You have the goods for working strategically but from a place of wholeness, wellbeing, and heart.  You talk and walk your business.  It exudes the wholehearted message you want other woman and their business to achieve.

You care and support the women you work with.  You help them find the pieces that are missing in their business and within themselves.  Once the pieces are placed in the puzzle,  you realise anything can be created, achieved, expanded or even changed…That works for me!

I am grateful you came into my life.  Not only have helped my book find its place in the world but you have helped me grow into the person I have always been but was too afraid to show.