Feedback - what it's like to work together

Jodie Oddy

Jodie Oddy

Fast forward several years to when my work circumstances changed, I felt incredibly lost and in need of guidance.

I recalled my impressive correspondence with Angela and set up a zoom call. She generously afforded me an hour of her time, and I recall thinking wow this woman is a kindred spirit and the universe has put this lovely gift in front of me.

As part of the Mastermind group I have felt nurtured, empowered and valued throughout this crazy year.

I could not recommend this experience enough to anyone, particularly if you are feeling isolated and alone in your journey.

More so I now consider each and every person in my group friends, who provide not only a wealth of knowledge, but crucially emotional support.

Angela is a diamond, and has honestly been integral in guiding my career, and my work life balance to where it needs to be.