Feedback - what it's like to work together

Kate Riordan2

Kate Riordan


I was looking for guidance on how to work out what my offering was and how to get my business off the ground…beyond concept stage when I discovered Angela. I had explored what I was good at and what my zone of genius was but was not sure how to turn that into a profitable business. I kept second guessing myself and my self-doubt kept stopping me make decisions.

I felt from the very beginning that she was someone who not only had great professional experience but also had the right life coaching skills to support me and my development holistically.

Working with Angela over a period of several months saw me develop my business from a range of interesting ideas and areas of interest into a tangible business. I learnt so many skills around marketing and business development as well as more personal skills like how to find balance, how to set boundaries, and how to press on even when you feel like an imposter. I won my first 5 figure contract, developed a website, defined my ideal customer, and sorted out my product offering. I also gained tremendous confidence and learnt some valuable life skills on managing my energy, my family and my emotions!

I didn’t expect the level of self-knowledge I gained. I learnt so much about the beliefs that were holding me back, the mindset shifts I need to make and simple yet powerful tools to support me on my journey. I also loved all the templates and tools Angela shared with me…..and the hands on held when things were really hard….like writing my capability summary!

Angela is smart, supportive, real, professional and holistic and she has the right balance of business knowledge and emotional support to help women on their next chapter journey. I think we all suffer from self-doubt and lack of skills/knowledge at this stage in our lives. Working with Angela made me feel anything was possible. That I was supported and not alone on this scary yet exhilarating journey. Being a woman, a mother and a business owner meant there was nothing she didn’t understand or couldn’t help with.

Building something new is scary. Being a mother with many responsibilities is challenging. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and all seem to hard and unobtainable despite our best efforts. Having Angela on my support team made it seem possible. She dealt with every challenge that arose with such heartfelt, wise counsel – she came into my life at a time when I thought it might be all too hard. I needed someone to hold my hand and say you can do…let me show you how and Angela did that!

I think how far I have come…I now believe I can do it! So thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.