Feedback - what it's like to work together

Linley Cornish

Linley Cornish


I participated in some of Angela’s earlier programs, ‘Whole-hearted Business Success’ and ‘Your Journey Board’, and both of these programs resulted in many creative and curious questions for myself, and an awareness that I had much more work to do to find answers.  So I joined the ‘Aligned’ program and was privileged to be invited into Angela’s business mentoring program, and now the Business Mastermind.  My journey with Angela has been building momentum over a two-year period.

Angela has given me the opportunity to be curious about my own story, to identify what is holding me back, and to clearly create a pathway to a new business.   As a mentor she has been creative, engaging, energetic, has challenged my thinking and patterns of behaviour that arise, she has held me accountable for myself, all the while being nurturing and loving in her approach – keeping me safe.

In my story, Angela’s true gift has been her skills as a coach.  During the Flourish program I experienced personal tragedy so intense it could very easily have stopped me in my tracks, and disabled my dream; however, Angela remained present and supportive.  She empathized with my experience and continued to pique and connect with my need to create a world and business I, and my family, would be proud of.   And from the ashes of despair has arisen a ‘phoenix’ of a business.  I could not have achieved this without Angela’s gentle and persistent guidance.  I will forever be grateful.

So, if you find yourself waking with a sense of “there must be more”, whether it be about your dream to be a successful woman entrepreneur, or to make your hobby into a profitable passion, take the leap, be curious about all you can be, and check out Angela.  I can assure you will be safe, you will not be judged, and your ideas will flourish into an amazing life-story.   You will walk taller, smile broader and laugh louder – be all you can be with the support of this amazing woman – Angela Raspass.