Feedback - what it's like to work together


Michelle Capper-Fay


I had an initial consultation, a “wholehearted conversation” with Angela, and it was so powerful, and so I knew the workshop would be very powerful and impactful – and it was. The points she made just in the consultation showed not just the level we’d take things to, but also, it got me mentally moving and creating in preparation for the workshop – this I feel created a strong platform for our time together as those necessary wheels of ideas were already turning.

Being with Angela in the workshop, felt like a wonderful creative braining storming session – it felt less like coaching and more like creative brainstorming, which I just loved. I was looking for Truth – “this is where you are at and this is what you need to do and this is where I absolutely see you going” and Clarity – someone to help me see clearly who I am, what I’ve got to offer and where I can go with it. I needed reassurance, that it is in fact, all possible and I also needed to be held in a strong process – someone who wouldn’t just tell me what to do, but rather, someone who would identify what’s needed, and hold my hand through those actions and I received all of this and more.

I have to say, had I not sensed and seen that I was going to be ‘held’ through the work that was needed to be tackled I may have felt a little overwhelmed – but Angela catches every point, every word. I felt absolutely comfortable that everything has been heard and considered and worked through.

At the end of my workshop my business had been broken down into tangible streams that speak to me and who I’m becoming. We turned my work into deep journeys that my clients have to commit to up front (invigorating for me!) rather than merely stand alone sessions that they engage in ongoing (draining for me)… I really took stock of the outcomes I take people through too and am ready to create my school – initially I thought… “really?” now I think ‘but of course”!

Angela is a multi-dimensional coach, a creative explorer, an excavationist of ideas and potential and she goes straight to the core of the issue! I think she is so intuitive and keyed in at a whole other level beyond what is presented to her. She is exacting but doesn’t chop – rather, watching her work is like watching someone very carefully slice butter – she cuts with precision and leaves no mess. She walks a wonderful tight rope of being very open, engaging and yet keeping things on razor-like track.

I felt totally seen, totally heard, totally held and I would recommend this service, absolutely. But be warned – you need to strap in! Angela is so are highly intuitive, you’ll be working very fast at getting to the core of the issues and your untapped potential/treasures. Angela has the ability to cut through the dross to see the shiny stones beneath – so it’s completely safe to bare one’s professional soul to you and also, critical to do so to have the experience and achieve the results you seek.