Feedback - what it's like to work together

Philippa Lowe

Philippa Lowe


When the opportunity arose to work with Angela, once we had set the date it was like my subconscious had been given permission to speak up. I thought I was going to work on some business planning, but that inner voice inside had different ideas!

Having known Angela for many years, I respected what she had achieved on both business and personal levels and realised that working with her would help me gain clarity on some conflicting ‘voices’ in my head. I realised I was really unhappy with one specific area of my business, but had fallen into the trap of offering it (and being paid for it) because customers had been asking for it.

I had chosen financial security over delivering a service I was passionate about, leaving me frustrated and resentful. I couldn’t see a way out – bills needed to be paid, after all! The ‘sensible’ part of my brain wasn’t expecting to delete one service from my business and create a new one, but that is what I have done since working with Angela.

I have a new focus around what I do, and have found it very easy to start saying ‘no’ to the work that made me unhappy because of the structure Angela helped me develop in replacement.

If you are an entrepreneur in overwhelm; if you find yourself constantly searching outside yourself for solutions (i.e. you enrol in every self-education, get-rich course available); or if you have a small voice of dissatisfaction within no matter how often you tell yourself to be grateful, then make a whole-hearted decision and contact Angela.