Feedback - what it's like to work together


Sharleen Greer


From the minute I heard of Angela and the work she was doing I knew I had found a kindred spirit. I resonated with her business working with midlife women, her own personal beliefs around setting women free from self-doubts, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs. There were also  other traits that ticked my boxes, her generosity, her openness and her own commitment to her growth personally and spiritually.

I did two online programs with Angela that helped me enormously to start laying the foundations for my own business. I have attended both Angela’s ‘Next Chapter’ 2 day live conferences in Sydney. In-between  these 2 conferences I invested in The Flourish program with Angela. I decided I needed some more intense personal coaching from someone and it was a no brainer that Angela was that person.

I am a visionary and it was strategies  I needed so I could get confident in the marketing and sales side of things. In my first session with Angela she agreed with me and we set about forming a framework that I could develop for my business. I had an event coming up and I was determined to receive an income from it. Thanks to Angela I did. Two top paying clients that are still working with me six months down the track. Angela held my hand energetically as I stood up in front of sixty women and did my first upsell, including stating my fees. This was a stretch for me but I knew Angela had my back. She rang in the morning to wish me well, she checked up on me the next day to see how I went and then she celebrated my successes with me. From this initial success I have gone from strength to strength.

I have spoken to other women who have invested in coaches and I didn’t get the same sense of satisfaction from them that I have had with Angela. I dug deeper with these women and I believe what was missing was the clarity right from the beginning. Angela made sure both of us were clear on what I was hoping to achieve from my investment. It was like I had a G.P.S set so we both knew where I was headed and then we could use this as a bench mark to constantly check in that I was heading in the right direction at all times. And I was and I have arrived!

At Angela’s first conference I was an observer and was quite passive in my behaviour. A year later I was on fire. I spoke at the event, I did some amazing networking and I was praised constantly by women who had attended both events at the enormous change in me. There was another woman there who  also attended both conferences and had worked with Angela. I saw such a blossoming in her and this enabled me to own my success.

Angela has helped me to catapult my business not only with her wealth of skills but also in her ability to help me build my own confidence and belief in myself. I truly believe no-one can succeed if their self-worth is in tatters. I now celebrate so many things in my individual style. I have thrown my beliefs away around not being a sales and marketing person and now know I am and have always been a natural net worker and connector. I am now constantly watching that I don’t over give, that I don’t rescue all my clients and I don’t devalue my work or myself by under charging.

I owe this incredible transformation to Angela. She constantly nudged me and stretched me but always compassionately. She shared her own resources, her own knowledge and believed in me to have me as a podcast guest, a speaker at her event and a recent appearance in her new e-book. I now see myself as her colleague and a friend rather than her student.

Lastly if your business is stagnating and not progressing and you are doubting yourself all the way then Angela is your girl. If you are in transition and need some clarity around your Next Chapter business Angela is your girl. If you have some self-worth and money issues that are keeping you playing small then Angela is your girl. Go and book a chat with Angela now!