Feedback - what it's like to work together

Sharon Riley

Sharon Riley


I heard Angela speak at my sons school and was blown away. Everything she said was how I was behaving and had been feeling for some time.

I wanted to shift how I place myself in the family – I want to be equal-first! I want to stop my inner critic voice and change it to being a positive voice – ‘go on give it a go’ instead of ‘don’t be ridiculous what the hell made you think you could do that’!

In the two weeks prior to my first session I tossed around the thoughts of: Do I really need this?, will it benefit me? I never put myself first so I thought ‘what the hell give it a go I can only learn from it’!I feel lighter and happier already….. when I say something whether it’s in my head or to someone, I have started stopping for a second and thinking about it and have already started correcting how I say things e.g. “I’ll never get this ironing done”…to….”I don’t need to do it all now, I will do as much as I can for today!”.

She also shares her own experiences and the fact that she is also still on a journey of discovery and wholeheartedness and that is very comforting (I have seen a few counsellors and they were not on a journey so they just pointed out stuff to talk about and I found that very uncomfortable).

I wish I had known about Angela and started her Wholehearted Living Program before my marriage ended two years ago – you have come along at a time when my life was at a standstill and I just didn’t know which road to take. She is so very friendly and always smiling!

She has already helped me with self-confidence and self-esteem, and I look forward to moving on with an open and positive mind. I cannot wait for our next sessions!