Feedback - what it's like to work together

Wendy Kendall

Wendy Kendall


I was looking for guidance and support to bring new products and services to market and to generally raise my game in my already established business.

After working together in the sessions was that I decided to radically scale down some of the less profitable areas of working my business and I had concrete step-by-step plans for how to scale up the more profitable areas of my business.

The business plan that I’m putting into action now is much more coherent and focused on that sweet spot of profitable work that enables me to deliver my best self to my clients.

I also benefited from entering Angela’s wonderful network of women who are also playing a bigger game in their businesses and having fun and enjoying their progress along the way. The Business Mastermind benefited me enormously because it’s great to have a place where we can openly share our successes and get support when we are feeling a little wobbly or nervous about making a bold step.

Angela is firstly full of integrity when you work with her. I never got the sense that she was anything but a wholehearted supporter of me as an individual. There aren’t any hidden sides to Angela when you’re working with her. The only surprises you get are good ones!

She is generous in spirit and in her considerable knowledge of what it takes to bring the business to life and grow it to maturity and beyond. She is also the number one cheerleader of your success, and those successes start to mount rapidly after working with her.

The most important thing people need to know about working with Angela is that she is a great role model for how to be a wholehearted professional, she is extremely well networked so that if you want to know something and she can’t help you personally (which is very rare) nevertheless she can usually find and recommend somebody who can. She is great at drawing out the common themes and principles for creating successful businesses across different industries and sectors so that we all learn from one another as well as within our own businesses.

I recommend Angela’s services to anyone who is looking to play a bigger game in their business, who is maybe feeling a little overwhelmed and nervous about that, and who feels they would benefit from structure and encouragement without being nannied and bossed around!