Take the Inner Critic Quiz Switch off your negative self-talk

"Whether you think you can or you can't you're right".

This quote by Henry Ford may seem short and simple, but it is an incredibly powerful truth.

The extent to which you can expand right our to your edges, reaching your full potential in business and life will depend on what you feel is true and possible for you. Your beliefs and inner dialogue influence your "potential parameters".

Your Inner Critic is the personification of the unsupportive, negative thoughts that can run almost on auto-pilot and so to turn down the volume on her messages, you need to first know who she is. 

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Let's be honest you really don't know what you're doing here, do you?..."

"Yep, not too bad I suppose, but have you seen what SHE is doing??

You don't have time to take a break for god's sake, there's so much to do!"

 There is no way that is good enough, start again right now!"

You can't do that, how ridiculous, what will everyone think?!"

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The Inner Critic Quiz.

Take the quiz, download your Freedom Guide and make peace with your Inner Critic.

You'll Learn:

  • Which of the 5 most common Inner Critics is your Critic in Command and how she has been holding you back from thriving in your Next Chapter Business
  • How to decrease her power by externalising her and then easily disarming her with increased self-awareness
  • How to recognise when she is recycling old stories and the simple steps to break free of these misbeliefs and old habits
  • The simple strategy that is my single biggest tool for ensuring you have the confidence and self-belief for future success!