From fitting in to Belonging – Ep 120 with Samantha Leith

Samantha Leith 120

Samantha has been a performer her whole life – “I sang for 50 cents at weddings and a dollar at funerals from when I was a little girl. I sang backup for MC Hammer and with Joan Sutherland at the Australia Opera. I’ve led shows and developed my own. I’ve always been happiest on a stage but I’ve also been stuck in “people pleaser and approval” mode and that’s taken its toll. It even led me to abandon the dream of being a performer for the “sensible” career option of accounting on the behest of my family.

Over the years Sam invested so much time and energy checking, testing, showing different pieces of herself to different groups to fit in and be seen in the way she felt she needed to be. It was exhausting. And when this is your focus, you begin to lose track of who you really are. But Sam has now interrupted this cycle. She chose to shift her gaze, to weave all the pieces of her into a whole. She began to approve of herself and appreciating where she’d come from, so she would never need to fit in anywhere again.

She has proactively created a new stage for her life, one where confidence and charisma intersect. She truly belongs and it’s extraordinary.

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Show Notes

  • You can break free of the conditioning of your past and chose a new path forward
  • Firmly reject the “don’t be too big for your boots” judgments that might be leveled at you. Choose to shine.
  • Confidence is not ego. It’s about how you feel within yourself.
  • Charisma is about your ability to influence and there are 4 types – Kindness (Dalai Lama), Visionary (Steve Jobs) Focused (Oprah) and Authority (Churchill)
  • How do you tap into Charisma when you’re just not feeling it? Mindfulness, deep breathing, visualisation and a clear focus on those you want to help be the best they can be. Imagine yourself pulling on your coat of charisma!
  • Perfectionism can paralyse you – perfect is the enemy of good. Let it go and embrace spontaneity (this was a core understanding that came from Sam’s “365 Days of Facebook Live when she had to quieten her internal dialogue, put aside the spreadsheet of carefully planned content went out the window and replace it with authenticity).
  • Have the courage to discover that all you need is inside of you – you just need to take a small risk, unlock yourself for that confidence to begin to flow…because what you focus on grows

About the speaker

Samantha Leith is a Woman on A Mission.  A successful performer, entrepreneur and single mum.  She is an inspiring business owner, having taken her business from nada to major in only a few years, as a Business Strategist, Lifestyle Enthusiast, Coach and Speaker. Samantha started her working life as a professional singer, then got side tracked down the ‘safer more practical’ business roads.  She’s gone from Sales Manager, to Financial Controller, to owning her own online retail store, to hand holding business coach, musical theatre Producer and her true love - a  blend of speaking and coaching.

Samantha shares her message on how everyone can have the business (or job) and life of their dreams.

Most of the people she works with are already achieving in business and life and are now ready to go to Unleash their Extraordinary. They connect well because she brings a balance of creativity and practicality along with the ability to hold people accountable and get stuff done.

Conference organisers book her to speak as Samantha guarantees to Entertain, Educate and Empower every time she takes to the stage by being expressive, emotionally intelligent, energetic, generous and inspiring.

Some of the areas she speaks, coaches and run workshops include:

• Creativity and use of music to connect and engage
• Business Growth Coaching for Entrepreneurs
• Presentation Skills for Executives
• Goal setting, achievement and accountability
• Communicating with Confidence and Charisma
• Finding your X Factor

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