Your Next Chapter Podcast Episode 52: Lynn Robinson – Put Your Intuition to Work

Put Your Intuition to Work

Just over 30 years ago Lynn Robinson arrived at the funeral of a friend and heard a voice telling her to “please sit here”, beside a woman that she did not know. She took her seat, but when she looked around to thank the speaker, there was no one physically there.

In a beautiful example of divine timing, universal support and the importance of following your intuition, the conversation that followed threw open the door to a wonderful new world for Lynn.  She responded to the simple question of what do you do, with what she truly desired to be – “I’m an Intuitive Reader” rather than the actuality of her current situation, “Project Manager at a Software Firm”.

The woman asked to book a reading and ended up sharing the experience with her audience – she was a writer for the local paper. Over 500 enquiries flowed through to Lynn’s fledging business over the next month.

She never looked back and a flourishing, deeply rewarding career has been the result.

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Show Notes

Although your intuition does not always give such direct advice and resounding results, it is always there, always supportive and always ready to provide you with guidance and support. Lynn refers to Intuition as Your Inner GPS or compass.

  • The Universe does indeed, have your back, and wants what is best for you
  • It speaks to you I many ways – as a voice, a sense of knowing, chills up and down your spine, goosebumps on your arms, tightness in your stomach and across your shoulders, a vibration throughout your body – tune into how it speaks to you
  • It’s important to be aware of our self-talk and to keep it positive – it can be difficult to hear your intuition if you are submerged in a dark cloud of discouragement
  • Practice listening to it for small decisions at first, and then as you become more accustomed to how it speaks to you, move towards larger issues, challenges or opportunities
  • It is human nature to be afraid of change and taking risks – we often want the feelings of confidence before we undertake something new – but that’s just not possible. We gain confidence from taking the action.
  • Be aware that when you ask for guidance (and open-ended questions are the best ones to use when communicating with your inner GPS), the answers may not come right away – stay open and aware for subtle assistance
  • Is it fear or instinct or intuition? If it keeps coming back again and again, even if there is a frisson of fear as the idea will take you out of your comfort zone, then it is likely pure intuition
  • The power of surrounding yourself with support from like-minded people who help her to recognise patterns and step through fear is unbeatable – Lynn credits her Mastermind with playing an important role in her business growth

About the speaker

Lynn Robinson is a bestselling author and popular speaker on the hot topic of intuition. She teaches how to tap into the power of your “Inner GPS.” Her intuitive reading clients consistently praise her uncanny insights as “spot on,” resulting in personal clarity, creative solutions and overall success.

Her latest book is Put Your Intuition to Work (Career Press). She’s also the author of Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity (Jossey-Bass.)

Lynn has authored seven books on intuition, which have been translated into more than a dozen languages. She has a passion for teaching people how to access their intuition and develop it for practical use in everyday life.

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