You get to choose your identity – the power of adaptability – Ep 136 with Deb Vawdrey

136 Deb Vawdrey

Deb Vawdrey knew she had given her all in her marriage. Her realisation that she needed to move on after almost 30 years was not a snap decision. Although she was filled with fear, she was absolutely clear – it was time to step into a new chapter. And when Deb released herself from the paradigm she had known for so long, she absolutely blossomed. In this conversation, Deb shares her experiences, the role that spiritual connection and community played in her growth, her ability to listen to her inner voice, and how these all combined to transform her the multi-dimensional Yogi and businesswoman that she is today. I hope you find this episode as encouraging and energising as I did.


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Show Notes

  • I gave myself permission to pursue what most called me
  • I’ve not had an immediate aha moment – my change arc has been, and still is, a slow burn which is fine as I don’t have a use-by date!
  • I know the emotional exhaustion of being the only person making the effort in a relationship, feeling like it’s an uphill battle to connect, living parallel lives. There is no joy in that.
  • I restarted my own bookkeeping business with my own clients – taking that step – no salary, no guarantees was scary
  • Immersion in yoga helped me to get through. I’m a Yoga Teacher now and that has helped me to connect to my own true work.
  • I’m living where I am now, not where I want to be be. That’s the definition of presence to me.
  • I sit with questions, really tune into my body and get curious about how potential options feel, asking myself “what’s asking to be seen?”. With the right intention, you’ll always be ok
  • I believe you can choose your identity – I have new powers of adaptability now!
  • The book I most recommend is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

About the speaker

The youngest of 6 to two working parents I learned at a young age that I had to make my own way and carve my own path. Leaving home at 16 and jumping into full time work at the same time I have never taken a back step or expected others to clear the way. From working in legal, computational and admin roles then to hospitality while my 2 beautiful kids were young I then took the leap to start my own financial services business which I still run today.


As my kids grew and started to carve out their futures I realised my marriage was well and truly over and my next chapter was about to begin, this included becoming a qualified yoga teacher and also now a health coach. Blessed to have lived most of my life on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria Australia in 2015 I moved to what many call “god’s country” the beautiful rural region of Gippsland Victoria to be with my new partner.  Grateful for all the lessons, experiences and people that have been part of my journey and shaped who I am today…courageous, compassionate and connected – serving others personally through yoga and health coaching and professionally through my financial services. You can contact me at

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