How on earth did I end up here? – Ep 139 with Nikki Lane

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Nikki had ticked all the boxes that she had been told with the essence of a good life – qualifications, a good job marriage, motherhood. So why at 33 did she find herself disillusioned and disappointed? Living what she described as a mediocre life and feeling guilty about how she felt?

Nikki decided to ask herself different questions, questions that led her to tap into not just logical choices, but heart-led feelings and desires. And that’s where she found her why that became the catalyst for her brave and expansive change journey in business and life.

I’m sure you’ll find this conversation about personal evolution and possibilities, both inspiring and enjoyable.

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Show Notes

  • Your life may not be “bad” – you’re not homeless, so you “should” be happy – that’s not a universal truth. The actual truth is that you don’t have to accept mediocrity.
  • Give yourself permission to not accept the status quo, to be brave, to back yourself and create your own path
  • Conduct a Head and Heart exercise – my head wanted me to focus on the logical challenges of change, the negatives, how I should stay in my comfort zone, but my heart, my heart told me the truth about how I felt, and how I would always feel if life continued in the same way.
  • One of the easiest and most revealing paths to self-awareness is the simple act of journaling
  • The next step in the journey is the willingness to change
  • In my own journey, I realised that my spirituality has been pushed right down, but it’s such a part of me, so inbuilt, it only needed to be rediscovered and set free. I know when you believe in a higher purpose, a richer, more purposeful life is available to you
  • I wrote The Change Journey Book in flow – it wasn’t easy coasting, but the work felt light and enjoyable
  • The book and the accompanying deck of cards are a handbook and guidance for life, stepping you through the 10 stages of building self-awareness. The characters and their floral counterparts are character traits that will be of service depending on where you are in your own journey.
  • The core principle characters are Grateful Great, Optimistic Olivia, Zealous Zelda, Confident Carol, Empowered Emma and Joyful Jill
  • All you need is to start with small changes to tap into happiness – that energy is life-changing



About the speaker

In 2005 Nikki Lane left her marriage for no other reason than she wasn’t happy. She wasn’t being abused, they didn’t fight, and they didn’t hate each other. She just looked at her life one day and wondered, ‘How on earth did I end up here?’ This wasn’t the life she wanted to live and neither was her husband the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

She decided that living a mediocre life wasn’t enough for her, and so she left.

Turns out, it was the best decision she ever made and since that time, Nikki has travelled on a Change Journey of self-awareness. A journey that has led her to discover who she is and what she wants from life, which has brought joy and happiness into her world, more than she could have ever imagined.

Nikki now shares her experiences and teaches her Change Journey learnings to women from all around the world so that they too can gain self-awareness and choose to live a life they love. These teachings are available via The Change journey book, a set of oracle cards and personalised coaching programs.

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